A reminder: it could cost you $1K

On October 4, 2002 full-time undergraduate students in the state of Massachusetts could be forced to pay $1,089.

Beginning this year all students must waive health insurance offered by the state. This waiver was always required, but Northeastern only asked students to waive the offer once in their academic career, due to the volume of students, said Customer Service Manager Laura Rancatore.

This year it is mandatory that every student enrolled in a Massachusett’s college either accept or waive the state-based health insurance.

If students do not waive the state’s health insurance they will be billed $1,089 if they are full-time students or $1,314 if they are part-time or graduate students.

For some students this added financial expenditure could be burdensome.

“As with any reinterpretation with a state law there will always be winners and there will always be losers,” said Student Government Association Vice President of Financial Affairs Michael Benson. “In this case potential exists for the Northeastern student body to be hit financially at a time when the economy is low and an unexpected expenditure could really hurt a student’s financial stability.”

If students need a waiver form they can go to Customer Service at 254 Richards Hall before October 4. Students are also asked to provide their insurance and policy number.

Benson also said that students should always review their tuition bills carefully for any unexpected billings.

“Always look at your tuition bill,” he said. “If you don’t understand call customer service or myself at the Student Government Office in the student center.”

The number for customer service is 373-2270 and the SGA office number is 373-2651.