Fourth- and fifth-years to gain access to alumni networking service


File photo by Riley Robinson

Alumni relations grants fourth- and fifth-year students access to alumni networking service.

Jessica Silverman, news staff

In a Nov. 4 meeting with Northeastern’s Student Government Association, or SGA, Vice President for Alumni Relations Rick Davis revealed that Northeastern’s Office of Alumni Relations is now allowing fourth- and fifth-years at Northeastern access to NUsource.

Similar to networking sites like LinkedIn, NUsource offers services like resume reviews, mentoring programs and networking. 

“It’s been always our vision when we launched … for this platform for alumni to connect with alumni,” Davis said. “We knew eventually students would benefit from this as well and we wanted to get this in place for alumni as well.”

Previously, NUsource was exclusively available to alumni. Students can now use the service’s tools and to contact Northeastern alumni for employment advice and opportunities. 

“Our next strategy was to get this to seniors because they will be in the most need to establish their network,” Davis said. “Most seniors have jobs, but sometimes it’s for developing their network and making it stronger, so that was always our plan … We wanted to do it in stages to make sure we had it right.”