Students emails begin transition to Microsoft Office 365

Jessica Silverman, deputy campus editor

In SGA’s weekly senate meeting Jan. 13, Associate Vice President of Engagement and Experience Marcus Robinson met with senators and discussed the transition of students’ email addresses from G Suite to Microsoft Office 365.

The university announced the platform switch in November, explaining that students’ previous emails will be switched from the “” domain to “” The email from the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology detailed many reasons for why the emails were changing, including the fact that Northeastern faculty already use Office 365 services, and students wish for a more professional email. 

“Students from across the university have consistently expressed their desire for a more professional and recognizable email account for communicating with potential employers, academic associations, and other parties outside of Northeastern,” the email said.  

Starting this month, the official phaseout of student’s G Suite emails will begin. According to the university’s timeline, an Office 365 email account will be created for all students in the month of January and will be available for students to access. During this time, however, students’ “” emails will still be available. 

Next fall, students’ Gmail accounts will become unavailable. Any emails sent to students’ Gmail accounts will automatically be transferred to their new Office 365 accounts. Students will still have access to Google Drive and services like Google Docs, but they will no longer be able to use Google Calendar with their school email. The university will also provide information to students about how to move their data over to the new platform. 

“In the fall when we get to that date, the Gmail email, calendar and contacts will be shut down. What will not be shut down is the Google Docs and G Suite functionality,” Robinson said. “The husky address will continue to live indefinitely. When Gmail gets shut down in the fall, any emails will move over to Exchange going forward.”

Robinson mentioned that the university is currently piloting the program with 200 students in the Khoury College of Computer Science. 

Robinson acknowledged that there has been limited communication about the switch as of late, but the university is looking to send out more information and resources soon. 

“We know we’ve only sent one message at this moment … There will be additional emails going out [and] additional information on the website. A lot more information being shared.”