Northeastern to continue in-person classes for spring semester


Marta Hill

Northeastern will continue in-person learning for the spring semester despite the rise in COVID-19 cases on campus.

Gwen Egan, breaking news editor

In an email to students Dec. 23, Northeastern announced that the institution will stay open and hold in-person classes and research for the spring 2022 semester. 

Heading into January, Northeastern’s intention is to remain open, with in-person classes and research activity occurring across our global university system,” wrote Chancellor and Senior Vice President for Learning Ken Henderson. 

Henderson explained that Northeastern will stay open since in-person learning is the “gold standard,” and since the university previously announced that Northeastern will require boosters for students, staff and faculty. 

“As we move into this endemic phase of the pandemic, our job is to continue to control Covid effectively, not let Covid control us,” Henderson wrote. 

Henderson acknowledged the recent increase in COVID-19 cases on campus. 

“We are also very aware that a dramatic increase in Covid infections—even among a fully vaccinated population—will create inconvenience and disruptions to daily life,” he wrote. Henderson added that this increase in cases will affect faculty and staff with children or other caregiving roles. 

Since the recent increase in COVID-19 cases worldwide, both Massachusetts and the City of Boston have revised their COVID-19 restrictions. 

Gov. Charlie Baker announced that masks will be required indoors. 

“For the foreseeable future, Massachusetts and most of the country will see large numbers of new cases,” Baker said on Dec. 21.“A new case today does not mean the same thing a new case meant a year ago.” 

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced Monday that proof of vaccination will be required to enter indoor venues. These venues include gyms, restaurants, movie theaters, event venues and other indoor establishments. 

Current Northeastern COVID-19 data includes a 2.53% seven-day positive test rate, along with 83 positive tests Dec. 20 and 30 wellness beds in use. 

As of today, there have been a total of 99,323 COVID-19 cases in Boston since the start of the pandemic and 67.1% of the population is fully vaccinated.