Arts and entertainment

Arts and entertainment

Claudia Rankine, renowned poet and author, spoke to Northeastern students about her life and poetry./Photo by Leila Habib

Renowned poet visits Northeastern, discusses poetry and racism

طرق الحصول على المال By Jenna Ciccotelli, sports editor “At the front door, the bell is a small round disc that you press firmly. When the door finally opens, the woman standing there yells, at the top of her lungs, ‘Get away from my house. What are you doing in my yard?’” Claudia Rankine […] استثمار ٥٠ الف بالذهب
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Arts and entertainment

Jessica Williams visited Northeastern University as part of the annual Springfest./Photo courtesy Creative Commons

Jessica Williams gives talk at Northeastern on race, rights

arbeta hemifrån med teknisk support By Gianna Barberia, news staff Jessica Williams started joking the second she entered the stage in Blackman Auditorium on Tuesday. The comedian paired a “If you see da police, warn a brother” shirt with checkered, black-and-white Vans, which foreshadowed her content focused mainly around intersectionality. While studying at California State […] شرح مفصل عن بيع وشراء الاسهم
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photo courtesy Creative Commons

Event Calendar: April 6 – 12 اسهم السعوديه By Sophie Cannon, deputy A&E editor Thursday, April 6 Bring your pocket chihuahua and pink pumps to Boston University’s (BU) production of “Legally Blonde.” BU On Broadway is BU’s premiere acting group and this spring semester they have quite a show for you. First a movie, this Broadway-adapted show has […]

تجارة بورصة الذهب
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Arts and entertainment, event calendar

Photo courtesy Creative Commons

Event Calendar: March 31 – April 5

التحليل المسائي لليورو By Sophie Cannon, deputy A&E editor   Thursday, March 30 In its 33rd year in Boston, the LGBT Film Festival is here once again. This year’s kick-off film is “Signature Move,” a movie about love, loss and Lucha-style wrestling. This timely film also highlights the struggles of Muslim Americans and […]

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Arts and entertainment

Posters included in the new Gallery 360 feature women's faces paired with discriminatory statements about their gender./Photo by Alex Melagrano

Gallery 360 installation promotes women’s rights

توقعات الاسهم السعودية By Christina Philippides, news correspondent The newest display in Northeastern’s Gallery 360, titled “Women’s Rights are Human Rights: International Posters on Gender-based Inequality, Violence and Discrimination,” combines graphic design and storytelling to promote women’s rights and challenge gender stereotypes. Domestic violence, unequal pay, inequality, discrimination and voting rights are among […] استراتيجيات فوركس
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Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) confronts his brother Tim (Miles Christopher Bakshi) in DreamWorks’ “The Boss Baby.”/Photo courtesy DreamWorks Animation

Review: ‘Boss Baby’ wins laughs but little else

فوركس للتداول By Logan Meyer, A&E editor In typical DreamWorks fashion, “The Boss Baby” is an adorable, feel-good animated film fit for the family. Also in DreamWorks fashion, it is largely lacking in cinematic merit. From the get-go, the story’s narration incites confusion. Constantly jumping between his imagination and reality, Tim (Miles […] الفوركس تداول
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Column: ‘Kong’ film distorts history

Column: ‘Kong’ film distorts history ufx trading By Vy Thai, A&E columnist From the original movie in 1933 to its remakes throughout the decades, the “King Kong” franchise has always been more than just a cliché about a giant ape climbing skyscrapers and pursuing forbidden love with women of the human race. Filmmakers have often included metaphors […]

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Arts and entertainment

The ICA's new expansion, dubbed the Watershed, is to be constructed across the harbor from the original location./Photo courtesy ICA

ICA plans new expansion across Boston Harbor سعر التداول في اسهم ام القرى By Gianna Barberia, news staff Boat tours and cruises are not the only things you’ll find traveling across the harbor. Scheduled to open in summer 2018, the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) is expanding and opening a new location in East Boston, just a short water taxi ride away from […]

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Arts and entertainment

Northeastern students and members of the nearby community gathered at Northeastern Crossing Friday for a workshop on slam poetry that was built around self-care and stress relief./Photo by Lauren Scornavacca

Students learn poetry in community workshop

فوركس فورى By Paxtyn Merten, campus editor They were given 10 minutes to write a poem, prefaced with advice to write down what they felt: They couldn’t expect to write Shakespearean sonnets in 10 minutes, so they should just write whatever came to mind. However, at the end of the 10 minutes, […]

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Arts and entertainment

The Northeastern Nor'easters take the stage at Boston Symphony Hall to compete in the ICCA Northeast Region Semifinal./photo by Lauren Scornavacca

The Nor’easters take home ICCA semifinal win السوق السعودي اسعار الاسهم If the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) had a March Madness bracket, this past week’s semifinal competition would be the final four.

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