The Huntington News

High caliber freshman class hits campus

September 24, 2002

As the leaves on the trees start to change in color, there is a buzz in the air on campus; the freshman class has arrived. Along with the buzz a phrase has been coined, they are "Freeland's class." When President Richard Freeland made his State of the University Address in the fall of 2000, he proposed...

The brawl with the bulge

September 24, 2002

By Brad Rosenburg No one wants to have a a jiggly belly. I mean sure, Buddha-gut can be rather amusing when a portly fellow pushes his flab together to simulate a talking belly button, but besides that, fat is generally frowned upon by the American population. Unfortunately, there are times in which...

The truth about EC

September 24, 2002

This letter is in response to the very uninformed commentary included in the August 21 edition of Northeastern News. The author, Carla Molina (a philosophy major) took it upon herself to "educate" the Northeastern community regarding the wonders of emergency contraception (EC). She feels that doctors...