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‘Avalanche’ of evictions expected upon expiration of state moratorium

Protestors rally in Boston Common to gather support for the Housing Stability Act.
Julia Carlin, news staff October 22, 2020

With the upcoming expiration of the state eviction moratorium, thousands of Massachusetts residents will lose the ability to shelter in place as they face impending risk of eviction and foreclosure. Activists,...

Local restaurants urge the state to pass relief bill

Restaurant owners and other members of MRU rally on the steps of the State House.
Skye Richmond, news correspondent October 22, 2020

As many businesses, specifically restaurants, struggle due to the pandemic, Massachusetts Restaurants United, or MRU, rallied on the front steps of the State House Sept. 22 in support of the pending Economic...

12 BU students suspended for violating COVID-19 safety guidelines

The students violated COVID-19 safety precautions like social distancing and mask-wearing.
Jordan Baron, city editor October 21, 2020

Northeastern’s Westin 11 have now been joined by Boston University’s Allston 12. In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, BU announced that it has suspended 12 students who participated in one...

Boston College suffers from COVID-19 outbreak, diminishing trust from students and residents

Gasson Hall on the campus of Boston College.
Maggie Scales, news correspondent October 14, 2020

A recent COVID-19 outbreak at Boston College in Newton, Massachusetts has left both students and neighboring residents skeptical of the college’s ability to implement effective pandemic protocol. Students...

Community fridges battle food insecurity in Boston neighborhoods

The community fridge in Jamaica Plain sits outside D'Friends Barber Shop.
Maggie Scales, news correspondent October 14, 2020

Flavia DeSousa, Zachary Shea and Veronica Bettio have made strides in developing community fridges — refrigerators on the street filled with donated food for locals in need — across Jamaica Plain and...

Immigrants Lead Boston program to foster new civic leaders

Immigrants Lead Boston seeks to further encourage civic engagement and leadership from immigrant communities within Boston.
Julie Sung, news correspondent October 12, 2020

With a growing immigrant population that stands at around 28%, Boston aims to recognize the contributions of immigrants. Immigrants Lead Boston, a program established by the Mayor’s Office for Immigrant...

Live Like a Local Tours helps to familiarize Bostonians with the city

Collin Knight founded Live Like a Local Tours in 2019.
Kenneal Patterson, news staff October 10, 2020

Colin Knight doesn’t want Bostonians to be tourists in their own city. The Boston native launched Live Like a Local Tours in 2019 as a way for residents to get involved in the community around them.      Knight...

BU students to stay in Boston for Thanksgiving or finish the semester online

Ken Ryan, the director of city relations at Boston University, speaking to members of city council over zoom.
Jayden Khatib, deputy city editor October 5, 2020

During a city council meeting on the topic of university reopenings Monday evening, Boston University confirmed its plans to cancel Spring Break and place restrictions on Thanksgiving Break. The meeting...

The Other Boston works to connect Boston’s Black community

Genevieve Angelique, the founder of The Other Boston.
Bela Omoeva, news correspondent October 5, 2020

Genevieve Angelique aims to connect and inform Boston’s Black community through her website and events list, The Other Boston.  Originally known as Boston Come Through, the site updates weekly with...

Environmental groups’ efforts halt construction of Melnea Cass Project

Many signs are posted along Melnea Cass Boulevard to spread awareness about the trees.
Julia Carlin, news correspondent October 5, 2020

After a virtual conversation led by the Mayor’s Office of Equity and Inclusion, the Department of Transportation halted construction of the Melnea Cass Project, which involves the removal of more than...

The Creative Studio carves future for Black-owned companies

Ralph Sanon (left) and Aaron Higginbottom (right) are co-founders of The Creative Studio Sportswear.
Rachel Erwin, news staff October 5, 2020

At The Creative Studio Sportswear, receiving one-of-a-kind apparel is a guarantee.  Aaron Higginbottom and Ralph Sanon, co-founders of the TCS brand, aim to provide schools with quality and affordable...

New mural ‘Rules of Engagement’ enhances Roxbury public arts scene

A small portion of the
Ananya Sankar, news staff October 2, 2020

Ricardo “Deme5” Gomez’s new mural in Roxbury asks for three simple values: “Love”, “Respect” and “Compassion.” Yet upon closer inspection, a more delicate red script glides between...

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