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Westin residents find community, frustrated by distance

The 11 dismissed students were living in the Westin Hotel in Boston.
Susanna Serrano, news correspondent October 24, 2020
Students living at the Westin have a less traditional college experience than most freshmen. While they don’t get room service, pool access, or a room to themselves, all rooms come with a hotel mini-fridge, king or queen-sized beds, a bathroom and a view. As opposed to having RAs, students have International Coordinators, or ICs, which is universal across the programs.

Faculty expected to return to campus for spring semester per updated remote work policy

Faculty expected to return to campus for spring semester per updated remote work policy
Matt Yan, news staff October 23, 2020

In an email sent to all faculty Oct. 22, Northeastern updated its remote work policy for the Spring 2021 semester. Faculty are expected to return to campus “to teach their courses and conduct their research...

Remote co-ops limit communication, job experience for students

Annie Malone's work-at-home desk setup.
Alexis Santoro, news correspondent October 21, 2020
With most co-ops being completely remote in the midst of COVID-19, students are having to find new ways to get the most out of their job, without having the opportunity to physically be there. 

Remote learners face financial burdens after aid reductions

“For a lot of us first-gen, low-income students, we kind of have to handle this ourselves without our parents because they don't have the experience,” said second year computer science major Kelly Ma.
Ali Dusinberre, news staff October 14, 2020
When second-year computer science major Kelly Ma decided to move back home with her parents in New York this semester and take classes remotely, she did so with the intention of saving money. But an email from her financial aid advisor at the end of August shifted her expectations.

ResMail delays create frustration, inconvenience for students

Students have reported lengthy lines at Resmail in addition to major delays in receiving their packages and letters.
Marta Hill, news staff October 12, 2020
For the first month of living on campus, fourth-year bioengineering major Henry Weith was unable to perform part of his job because he had not received his renewed driver's license — or any other mail. 

Faculty members describe confusion, pressure to return to campus

“I know that the chances of students dying are low, but is that what it’s going to take?” said Abbie Levesque, a doctoral candidate in English and instructor of first-year writing.
Matt Yan, news staff October 12, 2020
“Later, when I saw the school touting, ‘Oh, look at how many professors chose to come back,’ it was a bit of a slap in the face because I know a lot of [professors] didn’t feel like they had a choice,” said an anonymous teaching faculty member in the College of Science, who requested anonymity in fear of professional retaliation.

COVID-19 has created new challenges, labor issues for faculty, graduate students

COVID-19 has created new challenges, labor issues for faculty, graduate students
Jayden Khatib, news staff October 9, 2020
The Graduate Employees of Northeastern union is calling the university to grant PhD students a “one-year extension on degree timelines and funded graduate assistantships, including NUSHP health insurance and tuition remission,” via a petition written by five PhD students and one English professor.

NEU Gigs “golden snitch” posts spark debate around public shaming

A few of the
Luiza Loyo, news correspondent October 7, 2020
The popular Instagram account among students, @NEU_gigs, generated much controversy by creating a “golden snitch” section on its page where people can send in complaints about others violating COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

New mutual aid group offers resources, information for students during COVID-19

Northeastern Mutual Aid's mobile food drive setup on Columbus Ave.
Adessa Jayne, news correspondent October 7, 2020
The newly formed Northeastern Mutual Aid hosts events and fosters communication with students to offer support and resources in light of the new challenges with COVID-19. 

Northeastern cancels spring break, announces Thanksgiving travel guidance and adjusted calendar

Northeastern has postponed the start of next semester and canceled spring break.
Lucy Gavin, deputy campus editor October 6, 2020
Northeastern announced testing and travel guidelines for students and staff for Thanksgiving break, as well as changes to the spring semester academic calendar, in an email to students Tuesday.

Students eager to return to reopened Marino with new density restrictions

Marino's basketball courts, normally populated by intense pickup basketball, now are the home of socially distanced exercise equipment.
Gretchen Hofmann, news correspondent October 4, 2020
Marino has reduced its overall density and is operating at 40 percent capacity to ensure social distancing guidelines are met. To adhere to this standard, a new scheduling system has been implemented, where students can now schedule their workouts through the app ATLETO. 

Court dismisses students’ class action suit seeking partial refund for spring semester

Court dismisses students’ class action suit seeking partial refund for spring semester
George Barker, campus editor October 2, 2020
On Thursday, United States District Judge Richard G. Stearns dismissed the summer lawsuit filed by two students against Northeastern University seeking a partial refund for the Spring 2020 semester due to the switch to remote learning in March.  
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