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Cabot, once a facility where varsity, club and intramural sports could occur, has been the home of a massive testing operation this semester.

Initial COVID testing shows promising results, minor issues

Seamus McAvoy, news staff September 23, 2020
While COVID-19 outbreaks continue to pop up at similar sized schools across the country, Northeastern avoided a similar fate so far, thanks in part to the rigorous testing regimen that is a lynchpin of the university’s ambitious reopening plan.
Students approve of first-year dismissals, but not financial penalties

Students approve of first-year dismissals, but not financial penalties

Annie Probert, news staff September 23, 2020

In a decision that students have called “rushed,” “severe” and showing “zero-tolerance,” Northeastern announced Sept. 4 that it would dismiss 11 first-year students in the Boston program...

While there were initial reports that they will not have their $36,500 tuition refunded at all, the students had the ability to appeal this decision.

Dismissed students credited tuition for spring semester

George Barker, Lucy Gavin, and Jessica Silverman September 17, 2020
The 11 Boston students dismissed from Northeastern for gathering will have their tuition payment credited to the spring semester, according to the Northeastern Media Relations department.
The families of two students dismissed by Northeastern have hired a lawyer in hopes of challenging the universitys decision.

[UPDATED] Parents of two dismissed students hire attorney

Jessica Silverman and George Barker September 10, 2020
The families of two of the students that were dismissed from Northeastern for engaging in an unsafe gathering in the Westin Hotel have hired a lawyer in hopes of fighting the school’s decision. 
While there were initial reports that they will not have their $36,500 tuition refunded at all, the students had the ability to appeal this decision.

Northeastern dismisses 11 first-years for gathering

Mihiro Shimano, news staff September 5, 2020
Northeastern dismissed 11 first-year students after staff found them gathering at the Westin Hotel Wednesday evening.
Hannah Kellys desk in International Village with some of the supplies she was given for quarantine.

When your roommate tests positive: Life in Northeastern’s quarantine housing

Hannah Kelly was moved into wellness housing when her roommate tested positive on Aug. 31, one day after moving in.
Families unload items from cars as they move into Willis Hall and West Village F on Aug. 30.

Move-in begins with rainy skies, COVID-19 testing

Deanna Schwartz, managing editor August 30, 2020
Around 8,000 students are moving to campus over the course of 10 days. In an effort to decrease density during move-in, different residence halls were assigned two to five day blocks of time for move-in between Aug. 29 and Sept. 7.
All Northeastern students will be tested at the Cabot Testing Center.

Northeastern to outsource portion of COVID-19 test processing to Broad Institute

Kelly Chan, editor-in-chief August 28, 2020
Northeastern will be outsourcing a portion of COVID-19 tests to the Broad Institute in Cambridge.
A new sign and hand sanitizer dispenser in Curry Student Center.

University announces new health violations tipline, threatens students who party with suspension

Corey Dockser, news correspondent August 28, 2020
In an email sent to students today, the university announced that students who host or attend unsafe gatherings during the pandemic face suspension. The email also announced a new tipline.
Northeasterns reopening plan is reliant on students acting responsibly and not gathering in large groups.

Northeastern sends warning letter to first-years who expressed intent to party in Instagram poll

Corey Dockser, news correspondent August 21, 2020
In a warning letter sent to incoming first-year students, Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Madeleine Estabrook said partying is "unacceptable."
Testing at Cabot Center began on Monday.

Northeastern reports 1 positive out of 3,949 tests in first 3 days of testing

Deanna Schwartz and Charlie Wolfson August 21, 2020
The first three days of COVID-19 testing at Northeastern’s facility in Cabot Physical Education Center produced one positive result, Northeastern announced Friday morning.
President Aoun spoke with Huntington News editors via Microsoft Teams Tuesday.

6 takeaways from The News’ interview with President Aoun

Charlie Wolfson and Deanna Schwartz August 18, 2020
Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun spoke with The News in an hour-long video call Aug. 18. Here are six key takeaways from the interview.
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