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Boston theaters work together to combat racism

Theaters in Boston stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.
Rachel Erwin, news staff October 13, 2020

The response to George Floyd’s murder has reached far beyond police reform. Every aspect of our nation has been scrutinized, including the theater community. Here in Boston, theaters are actively taking...

Column: Problems with dating apps in COVID-19

Dating in the COVID-19 era has proven to be challenging.
Jvalanti Prasad, news correspondent October 12, 2020

As someone new to the Northeast, my time dating here — especially in the bustling college city of Boston — has been very limited. Dating in a pandemic has become a strange juggling act between pleasure...

LonelyGrl breaks barriers, creates community for skaters

LonelyGrl Skate Co. offers an inclusive community for female identifying skaters on campus.
Clara McCourt, news staff October 12, 2020

It’s no secret that skateboarding is exclusive. The skill itself is tricky to learn, and the sport has historically lacked diverse representation. For those who are not white, male or cisgender, it can...

Column: The exclusivity of buying sustainably

Thrift shopping is one way to buy clothes sustainably, although it has it's downsides.
Jessica Brite, news staff October 7, 2020

In recent years, consumers and professionals in the fashion industry have become a lot more eco-conscious, which is reflected by the growing number of sustainable fashion infographics being shared around...

Panel elaborates on abolition and discusses abolitionist practice in contemporary art

The Tufts Art Galleries held a panel on abolitionist expression in contemporary art.
Christie Ya-Chi Lee, news correspondent October 6, 2020

Black artists and academics clarified abolition and showed how art is used as a form of activism and community empowerment in an online program of the Tufts University Art Galleries on Sept. 17.  Moderator...

Column: A definitive ranking of milk alternatives

Oat milk is the newest trend in the milk alternative industry.
Clara McCourt, news correspondent October 5, 2020

Non-dairy milk is the latest food trend sweeping the nation. Some gag at the thought of drinking milk, some look for a more sustainable cooking option and some just want to try something new in their coffee....

Column: The music that got me through quarantine

One Direction's music helped many nostalgic fans get through quarantine.
Annetta Stogniew, news correspondent October 5, 2020

Six months of copious freetime and minimal human contact launched a personal journey of self-discovery through music. Starting quarantine in a whirlwind of uncertainty led me to somber playlists. I sought...

Column: Speed-friending and Zoom chats: A guide to mingling in COVID-19

Students starting their college careers from home are forced to make friends remotely.
Isabella Stein, news correspondent October 4, 2020

Following a disappointing end to high school and my decision to do NUFlex from home, I dreaded the thought of starting college from my childhood bedroom. How would I ever make friends when people were...

The show must go on: Actors find hope in Broadway shutdown

The show must go on: Actors find hope in Broadway shutdown
Clara McCourt, news correspondent September 30, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City’s Broadway performances have been shut down indefinitely. This has resulted in a massive loss of work for hundreds of performers, musicians and stagehands....

Boston theater embraces change with new platforms, conversations about race

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, theater is finding a way to shift to a virtual platform.
Rachel Erwin, news staff September 30, 2020

In the theater community, COVID-19 has become the catalyst for change in an industry that has held fast to tradition since its inception. Despite the current limitations, theater companies here in Boston...

Viral TikTokers at Northeastern: LexLyfe

Lexlyfe in her
Matt Yan and Nolan Piccola September 29, 2020

As TikTok users scroll through the “For You Page,” they may see videos of Principal Janet with her in a white blouse, a clipped yellow walkie-talkie on her blazer, blue lanyard and loud chewing gum....

Column: The rise of reality TV during quarantine

Many reality TV shows provided a sense of normalcy during the pandemic for viewers.
Kelly Phalen, news correspondent September 28, 2020

For some, quarantine was time to finally get in shape and be productive. But for the vast majority, quarantine featured cozying up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket with a hot bag of popcorn and getting...

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