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Review: “Rampage” delivers fun, mindless action

Review: “Rampage” delivers fun, mindless action

April 18, 2018

By Mohit Puvvala, lifestyle columnist The curse of video game movies is well known in Hollywood.  From the miserable 1993 film adaptation of “Super Mario Bros.” to the boring 2016 film, “Assassin’s Creed,” film representations of video games have yet to prove themselves. This is partly d...

Review: Andy Grammer delivers energetic and soulful show

Andy Grammer performs at a packed Paradise Rock Club. / Photo by Riley Robinson

Samuel Kim

April 15, 2018

The marquee in front of Paradise Rock Club read “Sold Out” Friday night. Under it, hundreds ranging from elementary-age children to the elderly stood in a line that stretched down Commonwealth Avenue. They all awaited their chance to see Andy Grammer on tour for his latest album, “The Good P...

Review: ‘Ready Player One’ is the long-awaited Spielberg return

Review: ‘Ready Player One’ is the long-awaited Spielberg return

April 9, 2018

By Mohit Puvvala, lifestyle columnist When “Ready Player One” was announced, many were skeptical — including me. The film seemed like a perfect corporate move to jam in every possible product placement, and after “The Emoji Movie” some frustrated cinephiles have been more cynical about movies...

Review: ‘Love, Simon’ brings relatable storyline

Kaitlyn Budion

April 8, 2018

“Love, Simon” is a touching story about being a closeted high schooler that offers all the heartfelt relationships of a romantic comedy with none of the tired tropes. The movie is fun, quirky and adorable, and something that LGBTQA+ kids rarely get to see on screen. While it is not perfect, the mo...

Review: ‘Hair’ takes us on an all-too-familiar trip

Berger (Adam Thomas) and Dionne (Lera Bamgbala) sing. / Photo courtesy Chelsea Ruscio

April 7, 2018

By Shaina Richards, business manager Captivating the audience with brazen head-banging and bold protests against the Vietnam War, the theatre department’s musical performance of “Hair” fully captured the spirit of the 1960s hippie movement while drawing parallels to today’s political clim...

Review: James Bay serenades a packed Royale with new style

Review: James Bay serenades a packed Royale with new style

April 6, 2018

Photos and review by Alex Melagrano and Lauren Scornavacca, news staff. James Bay may not have released his album yet, nor is he on a large tour with shows in massive arenas, but his intimate performance at Royale Thursday night was all but quiet. The sold-out show had fans spilling over balc...

Review: NUStage produces ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ revue

Julia Barksdale plays Audrey II in the song

March 28, 2018

By Sam Cronin, news staff After a content warning preparing the audience for “mature themes, substance use, abuse, suicide and scantily clad appearances,” the crowd immediately knew what kind of show they were about to see.  As a revue, the production was a collection of songs centered around...

Review: In fair Verona, Romeo and Juliet doth dance

Misa Kuranaga and Nelson Madrigal portray Juliet and Romeo. / Photo courtesy Liza Voll

March 22, 2018

By Riley Robinson, photo editor If I could set my death to any score, it would be Sergei Prokofiev's “Romeo and Juliet.” Unfortunately, it may not be as visually stunning as Boston Ballet’s performance of the star-crossed drama, choreographed by John Cranko. I lack a candlelit crypt, and a s...

Review: Miguel returns to Boston for sold out show

Review: Miguel returns to Boston for sold out show

March 21, 2018

  Photos by Alex Melagrano By Alex Melagrano, news staff  Solo artist Miguel made his first appearance in Boston since 2015 Monday night, but his sold-out show at the House of Blues indicated he is nowhere close to being forgotten. On tour for his latest album “War & Leisure,” Migue...

(Sandy) Alex G and Puppy Problems perform at AfterHours

Alex G sang at AfterHours Friday evening. / Photo by Alex Melagrano

March 19, 2018

By Carolina Do Nascimento, news correspondent Indie rock and low-fi music filled AfterHours Friday night as artists (Sandy) Alex G and Puppy Problems performed to an energetic crowd. (Sandy) Alex G was the main act of the concert, which label company Green Line Records hosted. The Philadelphia...

Acting Out presents 1-act comedy ‘Hard Candy’

Acting Out presents 1-act comedy ‘Hard Candy’

Samuel Kim

March 19, 2018

Acting Out, a student theatre group, presented a humorous series of job interviews this weekend in a one-act comedy titled “Hard Candy.” The adaption of Jonathan Rand’s 2000 piece featured the applicants and what they were willing to do to make their way up the corporate ladder. The prod...

Review: ‘Black Panther’ is black excellence that hooks the world

Graphic by Shannon Reilly

Melissa Wells, news correspondent

March 6, 2018

Rather than ask why “Black Panther” has garnered so much success, the better question is: What took Marvel so long?