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Legislators on Capitol Hill only have a few days in session to prevent another shutdown. / Photo courtesy Paul, Creative Commons

In the House: Another government shutdown?

كيف تتاجر في الأسهم الاميركيه April 28, 2017: A day which could live in infamy.

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Detour on the Road to Serfdom: Interest rates complicate economic debate

Detour on the Road to Serfdom: Interest rates complicate economic debate شراء الذهب Higher interest rates could hamper plans for a tax code overhaul, which GOP lawmakers hope to have a bill for by August. تداولات ماليه عبر الأسهم مجانيه وأمنه
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In the House: The Future of the Affordable Care Act

In the House: The Future of the Affordable Care Act

forex group australia pty ltd What I and many other people oppose is repealing the law with no plan in mind.

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Column: Washington needs scientists

Column: Washington needs scientists اي المنصات تتداول بالذهب There are more former almond farmers in Congress than there are physicists. They outnumber chemists and microbiologists, too. موقع تداول اسهم السعودية
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Cartoon: Veto-man holds congressional power

Cartoon: Veto-man holds congressional power

fördela arbete hemma News illustration by David London

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Keystone passed in Congress

Keystone passed in Congress

سوق الاسهم لتداول By Scotty Schenck, photo editor The controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline bill passed in Congress today. The pipeline is proposed to be built to transport oil sands from Canada to refineries in Texas along the Gulf Coast. The Canadian company TransCanada Corporation wants to build the pipeline. After being debated […]

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Republicans take Massachusetts, nation

Republicans take Massachusetts, nation

دورات فوركس Midterm elections marked losses for Democrats both in Mass. and across the nation as Republican Charlie Baker was elected governor and Republicans gained control of the Senate by winning seven new seats.

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Column: Learn from Ukraine and put people over politics

forex sätta in på konto It would take a major abuse of power to ever see piles of tires burning on the steps of the Capitol. That being said, the Ukrainian uprising does cast a new lens on a recent issue in US politics: the debt ceiling. طريقة التداول في الذهب
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Katherine Clark, Massachusetts state senator, won 32 percent of democratic votes in the primary election for the District 5 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Photo Courtesy/Katherine Clark for Congress.

Clark, Addivinola move past congressional primary

تداول الراجحي للاسهم Tuesday’s special congressional election primary left democratic State Sen. Katherine Clark and republican attorney Frank Addivinola vying for the US House of Representatives seat left vacant by Ed Markey.

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Editorial: A constitutional scam

forex cash kort Despite the estimated 800,000 to 1,000,000 federal employees (Federation of Government Employees) that are expected to be furloughed and the numerous government benefits at risk, Congress will continue to get paid.

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