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State Rep. Byron Rushing (D-9) speaks at the John D. O'Bryant African American Institute on Tuesday as part of the opening of the Lower Roxbury History Project. / Photo by Lauren Scornavacca

Lower Roxbury Black History Project unveiled

ابي اشتري اسهم 2014 The Lower Roxbury Black History Project, now accessible on Snell Library’s website, was unveiled Tuesday at a reception in the John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute.

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Crime Log

CRIME LOG: JAN. 23 – JAN. 29

jobba hemifrån telefonintervjuare Crimes reported to the Northeastern University Police Department from Monday, Jan. 23 to Sunday, Jan. 29.

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Cartoons, Opinion

Cartoon: Expectations vs. Reality – Snell Edition

Cartoon: Expectations vs. Reality – Snell Edition

كيف اشتري اسهم في الامارات News illustration by Hannah Groudas. متى رجيع اسهم اسمنت ام القرى
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Library presents talk on redlining

Library presents talk on redlining

تحميل بنك ساب لبيع وشرا الاسهم Guest speaker and community activist Mossik Hacobian condemned the practice of redlining as “federally-sanctioned apartheid” at the first session of a three-part “Neighborhood Matters” event hosted each semester by Snell Library.

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College life hacks make NU a breeze

College life hacks make NU a breeze أسعار الذهب بيع وشراء I remember the first time I walked onto campus. It was overwhelming. No website description, no college ranking list, no pamphlet picture could ever encapsulate the sense of awe that I felt. The Green Line emerged from underneath Huntington Avenue, adding to the buzz of students and city residents walking, talking and laughing, all in front of the beautiful grey buildings that sit at the front of the campus. Even Boston’s smell was somewhat sentimental to me, a young Texas boy heading to the city for the first time. This was nearly two years ago.

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Crime Log

Crime Log: Nov. 2 – Nov. 8

الخيارات الثنائية نظام التحميل Crime of the Week: Wednesday, Nov. 4
8:55 a.m.
The manager of Wollaston’s Market in the Marino Center notified the Northeastern University Police Department (NUPD) they were detaining a shoplifter who was cooperative at the time but soon started throwing tables and chairs in the atrium area and ran from the building. NUPD located the subject on the lower subway level of Ruggles station at 9:04 a.m. and confirmed the juvenile, who was not an NU student, had assaulted two Wollaston’s employees. After confirming he was the shoplifter, NUPD escorted him to his school at 9:53 a.m. His mother was notified, a trespassing warning was issued and a report was filed.

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Northeastern to celebrate Snell’s 25th anniversary

Northeastern to celebrate Snell’s 25th anniversary ثنائي منتدى إشارات الخيار Since first opening its doors in the fall of 1990, Snell Library has become a homebase for exhausted students and last-minute studiers. Twenty-five years later, as part of Homecoming Week, Northeastern is celebrating the anniversary of the university’s first library this Saturday.

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Snell celebrates 25 years

Snell celebrates 25 years

شلون طريقة بيع الاسهم في شركة فيفا Snell Library celebrates its 25th birthday, from its dedication on Nov. 1, 1990. An event on the second floor of Snell will take place on Saturday, Nov. 7.

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Editorial: Mixed results for Snell renovations المتاجرة بالذهب Despite the modernization of the second floor, the new first floor of the library serves little discernible purpose. Over the summer, the university knocked down a wall separating the bulk of the floor with the computer lab and replaced practical study space with “modern furniture.”

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Students meet with Snell Library staff to discuss library renovations

forex graph online The Snell Library staff held a town hall meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 30 from 6 to 7 p.m. to discuss the recent renovations of the library facilities, as well as possibilities for future developments and expansions.

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