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Review: Sherlock’s Last Case falls flat as farce

Review: Sherlock’s Last Case falls flat as farce

October 17, 2018

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By Juan Ramirez, news staff  The last few James Bond films have dealt with the harsh aging of an outdated man in the face of unforgiving modernity. Much like that legendary British institution, both the theatrical farce and literature’s favorite detective are in peril in “Sherlock’s Last Case,” w...

Column: “Jeopardy!” hosts new contestant in form of computer

February 17, 2011

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For the past few days, the set of “Jeopardy!,” one of the last places in America where being a turbo-nerd about relatively useless facts is not only acceptable but profitable, has morphed itself into a testing ground for modern artificial intelligence. IBM, in a department that will surely be...

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