LEGOLAND Discovery Center hosts Star Wars adult night


Brittany Mendez, news staff

One Wednesday each month, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston hosts a themed adult night from 7-9 p.m. and November’s was Star Wars themed. Adults got the chance to participate in challenges designed by Megan Amaral, the Master Model Builder of the Boston location.

“It’s so cute and it’s so fun. I’m like a 35-year-old big child right now,” said attendee Kendra Zysk.

A life-sized LEGO giraffe greeted guests as they enter the center and they became surrounded by LEGO structures of all sorts. The multi-leveled center was completely LEGOfied, from the LEGO characters on the bathroom stall doors to the LEGO themed food. The center made use of every surface and even attached LEGO building bases to the walls for visitors to build horizontal structures.

“We had a friend who had a birthday tonight and she’s pretty big into LEGOs,” attendee Justin Slawson said. “We got the email and she invited us all out and here we are.”

A popular collaborative activity was the tile mosaic. For this activity attendees chose a square tile that had a color pattern composed of LEGO sized squares. They then matched small LEGO pieces according to the colors on the tile. Once visitors completed their individual tile, they added it to a larger image to create a picture of a Star Wars character. Another team building exercise included a crowd building activity which allowed groups of adults to work together to create a larger LEGO sculpture.

“We are building a giant Yoda,” explained Amaral. “What we do is call this a crowd build when we have the different layers and everyone helps build the different layers while I add to the big model and at the end we have a 6-foot-tall Yoda.”

The event also had an interactive display of “Mini-Boston” invaded by LEGO Star Wars designed by Amaral. The exhibit was a miniature model of the city of Boston and featured famous landmarks such as the Prudential, Logan Airport and Fenway Park. Attendees could press buttons to make pieces of the display move or race LEGO boats down the Charles River.

Adult night admission included access to a 4D movie that told the story of a LEGO superhero group. The theater was tricked out with many special effects to make the viewers’ experience more realistic. The audience was splashed by water when the LEGO characters got wet and the theater’s fans roared to create a cool breeze as the movie characters raced through the LEGO streets.

Anthony Flores, a LEGOLAND employee, highlighted that the most popular adult night theme so far has been the murder mystery. He expressed his excitement to have worked that particular night.

“I think we had like 300 to 400 people,” he said. “Everybody was working together trying to find out who did the murder.”

The next adult night at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston takes place on Wednesday, Dec. 12 and the theme will be ugly sweater party.