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The Huntington News is dedicated to serving the Northeastern University community with original, professional reporting and creating an environment in which student journalists can learn from one another. As a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit, we rely solely on donations and advertising revenue to sustain our organization — we are not funded by the university, an intentional choice to reduce our risk of prior review, censorship, and the appearance of bias. 

We are proud of the work our journalists have produced. In the past few years, we have seen our work make a difference in the Northeastern community. Our reporting about Northeastern’s complicated relationship with the Midtown Hotel brought the university’s housing crisis to light. Last year, we broke the story about our Student Government Association cutting club budgets across the board without reducing their own, as well as the student outcry that ultimately led them to stop funding paid stipends. In 2016, we were also the first to release a major news story about a former Northeastern student suing the school for mishandling her sexual assault case. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have covered important Northeastern updates and kept the community informed. 

We’ve doggedly covered protests aiming to unionize the graduate students, cut Northeastern’s ties with Raytheon, support an international student who was denied entry to the country and more. Our reporters attend Student Government Association and Faculty Senate meetings; pore through annual safety reports from Northeastern police, local housing records, and Boston PILOT tax information; and stand in the press box at Matthews Arena for all the home games. Even when news breaks on Christmas, our reporters cover it. 

We were there when Northeastern won the Beanpot hockey tournament for the second year in a row. We were there when Chicken Lou’s, a campus institution, announced their closure. We were there when students from Northeastern, Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory faced homelessness following a severe apartment building fire.  And we are there at every city, state, and campus election, glued to our phones, ready to publish. As the storytellers of this campus, we will always be there.

But sometimes, we need your help. Some things on our wish list: photo equipment for newbie photojournalists trying to learn, subscriptions for digital tools to create better data visualizations to accompany our reporting, audio and video equipment to build our multimedia portfolio, and more.

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