For more than 70 years, the Northeastern News covered city and campus news as Northeastern’s student newspaper. In 2008, the Northeastern News became independent from Northeastern University, forming the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization World Series Way Publishing, Co and assuming the name The Huntington News. Since The News left the university, it has been funded, published and produced entirely by Northeastern undergraduate students. Every day, students report, write, edit, and contribute dozens of hours to the paper. None of us are paid.

Now, The Huntington News is in a grave financial situation — nearly $30,000 in debt to our printing company and main creditor — and in very real danger of dying.

That news is as bad as it sounds, and this is a request for your help. Because, despite the gravity of the situation, the News is actually in a promising place. The new staff is stubbornly trying to save the paper we all worked so hard for and relied upon. The News is breaking stories that have gained nationwide attention, the editor has ensured advertising revenue will help the paper to begin paying down some of the debt, and for the first time in years the staff is hammering away at social media, creating a better website, and restructuring the Huntington News into the kind of digital presence it needs to be.

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We are looking to raise $40,000 by the end of the school year — $30,000 to pay off the paper’s debt and the additional $10,000 as part of a capital campaign that will give the staff the resources to become financially sustainable and produce a paper we can all be proud of. Not only does the News continue to break stories important to students and the community at large, it does so without any financial help from the university. Other school papers, notably the Daily Free Press at Boston University, have met more ambitious fundraising goals in recent years. We are confident that with your help, the News can remain a valuable — and truly independent — resource.

If you find yourself with a spare dollar and a respect for collegiate journalism, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to The News so we can continue to provide the Northeastern community with high-quality student journalism. Any donation you make will help pay for printing, maintenance and equipment costs. Thank you for your support.

What has the News done so far to pay down its debt?

  • • Conducted a full, organized audit of The News’ financial assets and revenue streams for the first time in over 3 years
    • Moved from our previous office space on Huntington Avenue, saving $1,400 a month
    • Worked with advertising partner MediaMate to create a profitable advertising schedule
    • Created a payment plan with publisher Turley that will allow us to remain in print while simultaneously paying down our debt
    • Redesigned our website to make it more mobile friendly and create more space for digital advertising opportunities
  • • Organized smaller-scale fundraising drives and events