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Story Ideas

The News maintains an anonymous tip line that community members may use at any time. Someone will respond to your submission within 24 hours. If something is urgent, please email [email protected] with “URGENT” in the subject line.


We welcome articles written for journalism classes or other writing courses. Sources quoted in the article must consent to the piece’s publication in The News. While articles will be edited for grammar, length and clarity, the writer will be included in our process. Not all submissions will be accepted.

We do not accept fiction, personal essay or poetry submissions, but please get in touch if you have something you want us to consider. We ask that you try to keep submissions under 1,500 words, although we will consider longer pieces depending on context.

If you would like to submit a piece for review, please email [email protected].

Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor

The News also welcomes opinion pieces from all members of the Northeastern community, including alumni, in the form of opinion pieces, or op-eds, which can be about any relevant topic; and letters to the editor, which are critiques or expansions on articles published by The News.

Op-eds and letters to the editor must include the writer’s full name, year, major and position at the university, if applicable. We reserve the right to decline publication of any pieces. Pieces we do accept may be edited for grammar, length and clarity. Anonymous letters or those signed with a pseudonym will only be accepted under special circumstances. Please keep op-ed entries under 700 words and letters to the editor under 250 words.

Opinions expressed in The Huntington News by letters, cartoonists and columnists are not necessarily those of The News staff or of the Northeastern administration. Northeastern University students conduct all operations involved in the production of this publication.

Op-eds and letters to the editor can be submitted to the opinion editor at [email protected].