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The 11 dismissed students were living in the Westin Hotel in Boston.
Westin residents find community, frustrated by distance
Susanna Serrano, news correspondent • October 24, 2020
Students living at the Westin have a less traditional college experience than most freshmen. While they don’t get room service, pool access, or a room to themselves, all rooms come with a hotel mini-fridge, king or queen-sized beds, a bathroom and a view. As opposed to having RAs, students have International Coordinators, or ICs, which is universal across the programs.
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“There are spaces out there that can help you. There are spaces where you can find your people. It’s all about that first step,” Queiroz said. 
NSCC’s Maria Theresa Queiroz leads fight for collective liberation with compassion
Julia Carlin, news staff • October 21, 2020
“I’m about love and kindness. We need to listen to each other and try not to put expectations on others,” said the Maria Theresa Queiroz NSCC's Secretary of Data Intelligence. “Sometimes we think Black people need to speak up on everything because it’s their community. I don’t think people realize how tiring that is. We need to step up as non-Black people in helping them.” 
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Annie Malone
Remote co-ops limit communication, job experience for students
Alexis Santoro, news correspondent • October 21, 2020
With most co-ops being completely remote in the midst of COVID-19, students are having to find new ways to get the most out of their job, without having the opportunity to physically be there. 
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