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Our Mission

The Huntington News is dedicated to serving the Northeastern University community with original, professional reporting and creating an environment in which student journalists can learn from one another.

Our History

For 82 years, The Northeastern News was a major source of news at Northeastern University. Now known as The Huntington News, the paper is in its 98th year. The paper became independent from the university in 2008 and now operates as a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. At The News, students work alongside Northeastern alumni and professors on our Board of Directors to maintain a high standard of quality, publishing every day online and every other week in print during the fall and spring semesters. More than 60 students contribute to its production through writing, photography, design, marketing, advertising, finance and more.

The News is the most frequently published and well-read publication on campus. It features campus, city, sports, lifestyle and opinion sections. Students interested in writing for The News are encouraged to attend a Monday night general meeting at 8 p.m. in 157 Holmes Hall or email [email protected]. To learn more about our open positions, click here

Community members can submit news tips or story ideas to our anonymous tip line, and those interested in advertising with us can find more information on our Advertise page. We can be reached at @HuntNewsNU on Twitter and Instagram, The Huntington News on Facebook and through our weekly newsletter. For contact information, please visit the Contact page on our website.

Northeastern University

Northeastern is one of the largest universities in Boston. The university is widely respected as the national leader in cooperative education, a program that enables students to alternate between classes and full-time jobs in their field of study. U.S. News and World Report has consistently ranked Northeastern among the best co-op programs in the country, and the university is ranked 53rd in the nation.

Northeastern is made up of eight colleges: Bouvé College of Health Sciences; College of Arts, Media, and Design; College of Social Sciences and Humanities; College of Science; College of Engineering; D’Amore-McKim School of Business; Khoury College of Computer Sciences; and College of Professional Studies. Including all disciplines, Northeastern has more than 25,000 students and employs more than 3,600 faculty and staff members.


Our constitution dictates that we must prominently display these newsroom policies on our website. They are reviewed at the end of each semester and updated accordingly. With questions or concerns, please email [email protected]. You can download a copy of our full constitution here

Crime Log Policy: The crime log is compiled from reports made available by the Northeastern University Police Department. Nothing in the reports should be construed to be a finding of guilt; they are a record of the actions taken on a given day by NUPD. We do not print names or identifying information in the crime log, and not all entries provided by NUPD are printed.

Comment Policy: The Huntington News encourages readers to post social media comments on all of our platforms. Website comments are disabled to encourage social media engagement and prevent spam or bots from overtaking discussion. We will report comments we find to be obscene, discriminatory or threatening. Advertisements, spam and comments posted under the name of a News staff member are not permitted. The News reserves the right to disable commenting on any social media post.

Censorship & Prior Review Policy: The News will resist censorship or prior review. We do not allow stories, video, audio, graphics or photography to be reviewed by sources before publication. Interview questions may only be shared with sources in specific situations, and at the discretion of our editorial board as outlined in our constitution. Quotes may be reviewed by sources at their request, but changes are not guaranteed and will be made at the discretion of our editorial board. If previous consent was given to record, take notes, video or photograph and then consent was removed, anything captured previously is on the record. Sources may request conversations to be off the record or on background before such conversations take place, but not after. These requests must be approved by the editorial board and may be denied.

Corrections Policy: The News welcomes corrections to any article emailed to [email protected]. Corrections may include a misspelling, an inaccurate fact, a misquoting, or a phrasing you don’t feel represents you, your community or the story we’re trying to tell. Corrections are added to the story online. We do not print them in our physical newspaper. The News investigates all corrections it receives, and reserves the right to accept or deny them following that investigation.