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Northeastern announced update COVID-19 policies for the spring semester in an email to students Jan. 7. Changes include shortening isolation time to 5 days, the closing of wellness housing and updated testing requirements for returning to campus.
Northeastern shortening isolation, requiring tests to return
Kayla Shiao, news correspondent • January 7, 2022

In an email Friday, Chancellor and Senior Vice President for Learning Ken Henderson announced adjusted policies regarding health and safety protocols...

Northeastern students are pushing for reform and greater access to mental health resources on campus. Active Minds is an on-campus group that focuses on mental health education, advocacy and programming (top right, photo courtesy MK Moskowitz). Lean on Me offers peer-to-peer, anonymous, text-based counseling (bottom right, photo courtesy Lean on Me). UHCS, as well as Find@Northeastern and We Care are NU provided mental health resources (bottom left, photo by Kelly Thomas).
NU community creates, advocates for mental health resources
Jessica Silverman, Clara McCourt, and Marta Hill January 6, 2022
As discussions of mental health become increasingly prevalent across college campuses, Northeastern students are finding the available mental health resources limited. To inspire change in the Northeastern community,
The COVID-19 pandemic created a drastic need for telehealth platforms such as BetterHelp.
BetterHelp redefines teletherapy, raises issues among students
Clara McCourt, managing editor • January 6, 2022

When Olga Prifti decided to cut off contact with her therapist, a woman she had never met in person, there were complications. It started...

Students at Western Washington University at Take Back Your Time Day celebrations.
Work hard, work harder: the uproar of internalized capitalism in the digital world
Cathy Ching, news correspondent • December 29, 2021

It’s the start of a new year. For many, January is the month of starting — and never finishing — a New Year’s resolution list. For accountants,...

Mary Hickey taught in Northeasterns physical therapy program for almost 25 years. Photo courtesy Adam Thomas.
Mary Hickey leaves legacy for NU physical therapy program
Marta Hill, editor-in-chief • December 27, 2021

After almost 25 years of teaching in Northeastern’s physical therapy program, Mary Hickey left a legacy. Students and colleagues alike remember...

Northeastern will continue in-person learning for the spring semester despite the rise in COVID-19 cases on campus.
Northeastern to continue in-person classes for spring semester
Gwen Egan, breaking news editor • December 23, 2021

In an email to students Dec. 23, Northeastern announced that the institution will stay open and hold in-person classes and research for the spring...

On Nov. 22, SGA passed legislation reinforcing existing hybrid learning policies for students who are unable to attend classes in person.
SGA passes legislation on accommodating hybrid learning policies
Srishti Gummaraju, news staff • December 21, 2021

The Academic Affairs Committee, a Student Government Association, or SGA, subdivision dedicated to managing academics for students at Northeastern...

Many students are struggling to adapt to in-person classes after over a year of virtual or hybrid learning.
Online learning fosters difficulties among second-year students
Katie Mogg, news staff • December 20, 2021

Sanjana Shastri opened her eyes at 7:59 a.m., just one minute before her class started. During a normal school year, this would be ample cause...

Northeasterns most recent testing data reveals 80 positive cases of COVID-19, with 35 recent cases identified as Omicron.
What does the rise of the Omicron variant mean for Northeastern, Boston as a whole? 
Rachel Umansky-Castro, news correspondent • December 19, 2021

Just as a sense of normalcy was approaching, the Omicron variant is raising concerns across the world. It appears that post-COVID days will have...

One of the MoBS lab models looked at the likelihood of different regions to spread COVID-19 internally. Image courtesy of MoBS lab, via Cryptic transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and the first COVID-19 wave.
Northeastern researchers advise on current, future pandemics
Grace Comer, campus editor • December 16, 2021

The speed at which COVID-19 has spread and the length of time it has persisted highlights the lack of preparedness for handling pandemics in...