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Northeastern announces celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The university will hold a panel discussing this change featuring Professor Ellen Cushman, associate dean of academic affairs, diversity and inclusion in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Jessica Silverman, deputy campus editor October 9, 2020
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs David Madigan announced that the university will now observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day, replacing Columbus Day on the university calendar. 

University-wide email mistake creates tensions with Jewish community

Students stand in the Sukkah built by the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity
Sydney Steinberg, news correspondent October 8, 2020
Northeastern’s Office of the Provost sent out an email with the intention of notifying the Northeastern community about two then-upcoming Jewish holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The email included a significant typo, referencing the upcoming holidays as “Passover."

NSCC General Assembly President Vinayak Kapoor finds belonging through social justice advocacy

“I wanted to be part of something that wasn’t just about having conversations — although those conversations are important and we have a lot of discussions in NSCC — but I was looking for a club that was also action-driven and encouraged others to go out and do something,” Kapoor said.
Petrina Danardatu, news staff October 7, 2020

Vinayak Kapoor, a third-year political science and criminal justice major, is the president of the General Assembly for the Northeastern Student of Color Caucus, or NSCC, but he is also so much more.  “I...

NEU Gigs “golden snitch” posts spark debate around public shaming

A few of the
Luiza Loyo, news correspondent October 7, 2020
The popular Instagram account among students, @NEU_gigs, generated much controversy by creating a “golden snitch” section on its page where people can send in complaints about others violating COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

New mutual aid group offers resources, information for students during COVID-19

Northeastern Mutual Aid's mobile food drive setup on Columbus Ave.
Adessa Jayne, news correspondent October 7, 2020
The newly formed Northeastern Mutual Aid hosts events and fosters communication with students to offer support and resources in light of the new challenges with COVID-19. 

Northeastern cancels spring break, announces Thanksgiving travel guidance and adjusted calendar

Northeastern has postponed the start of next semester and canceled spring break.
Lucy Gavin, deputy campus editor October 6, 2020
Northeastern announced testing and travel guidelines for students and staff for Thanksgiving break, as well as changes to the spring semester academic calendar, in an email to students Tuesday.

YDSA connects passionate students to Breonna Taylor protest

The peaceful protests carried well into the night.
Mihiro Shimano and Annie Probert October 5, 2020

On Sept. 25, more than 100 Northeastern students assembled at Centennial Common to create posters to carry in Boston’s protest of the grand jury failing to indict the officers responsible for the murder...

NUPD advisory board suggests new feedback system, additional oversight

President Joseph E. Aoun established the NUPD advisory board over the summer following Black Lives Matter protests regarding police brutality and racism.
Jessica Silverman, deputy campus editor October 5, 2020
In an email to students Monday, chair of the Northeastern Police Department advisory board, Jack McDevitt, detailed a new university-wide feedback system for the Northeastern University Police Department, or NUPD, and recommended the Office of University Equity and Compliance, or OUEC, participate in investigations of officer misconduct.

Students eager to return to reopened Marino with new density restrictions

Marino's basketball courts, normally populated by intense pickup basketball, now are the home of socially distanced exercise equipment.
Gretchen Hofmann, news correspondent October 4, 2020
Marino has reduced its overall density and is operating at 40 percent capacity to ensure social distancing guidelines are met. To adhere to this standard, a new scheduling system has been implemented, where students can now schedule their workouts through the app ATLETO. 

Court dismisses students’ class action suit seeking partial refund for spring semester

Court dismisses students’ class action suit seeking partial refund for spring semester
George Barker, campus editor October 2, 2020
On Thursday, United States District Judge Richard G. Stearns dismissed the summer lawsuit filed by two students against Northeastern University seeking a partial refund for the Spring 2020 semester due to the switch to remote learning in March.  

NU Start program connects remote freshmen to campus

First-year biology and mathematics major Sachi Kulkarni's remote learning setup in Texas.
Annie Probert, news staff October 2, 2020
Created for first-years unable to travel to the Boston campus and attend in-person classes, NU Start allows students to take all of their fall courses online. NU Start courses are asynchronous to accomodate students from around the world. This means they do not require real-time interaction, which is a key difference from the NUflex model of both synchronous and asynchronous classes.

Students stage sit-in to protest tent construction in West Village Quad 

The West Village Quad, where construction of an outdoor tent is planned.
Deanna Schwartz, managing editor October 2, 2020
Northeastern students staged a sit-in Thursday to protest the planned construction of a tent on West Quad.
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