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Michael B. Jordan plays Adonis Creed in Creed III. “Creed III” manages to thrive on a plethora of knock-out performances and sharp direction — elements that often tend to be absent from comparable films. Photo courtesy Ser Baffo of Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures.
Review: ‘Creed III’ holds its own in the ever-expanding sea of blockbuster fare
Jake Guldin, deputy lifestyle editor • March 14, 2023

Over the past decade, once-beloved, dormant franchises — “Jurassic Park,” “Top Gun” and “Halloween,” just to name a few — have...

The China Trade Gate is a paifang archway standing at the Beach Street entrance to Bostons Chinatown. The gate was gifted to the city by the government of Taiwan in 1982.
Column: Six best Chinatown eats to try on your next trip
Cynthia Chen, news correspondent • March 14, 2023

One of the best things about Boston is Chinatown, the heart of Asian American cuisine and culture in New England. The restaurants and markets...

Chase Stokes plays John B in Outer Banks. The hit Netflix series known for its fun beach vibes and teenage drama returned Feb. 23. Photo courtesy Netflix.
Review: Season three of ‘Outer Banks’ strays from its initial lore
Kyle Kucera, news correspondent • March 14, 2023

“Outer Banks” is back with its third season, but it’s not quite the same show that once captivated audiences.  The hit Netflix series...

Cars drive past the Coolidge Corner Theatre.
Review: ‘Cocaine Bear’ fails to let its titular star shine
Juliana George, lifestyle editor • March 9, 2023

“The bear…it fucking did cocaine!” This one line, while a concise way to summarize an outlandish plot, was repeated at least 20 times throughout...

Jyoti Daniere, Prreeti Tiwari, and Vidisha Agarwalla perform on the set of Jaho Jehad. “Jado Jehad” tells the story of a queer Pakistani woman, Mashal, returning home to live with her mother and grandmother after attending college in the United States. Photo courtesy Stratton McCrady Photography.
Pakistani play ‘Jado Jehad’ opens doors to representation in theatre
Z Weber, news correspondent • March 3, 2023

“It’s been a journey,” said Fatima A. Maan, an MFA student at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, or BPT. Her play, “Jado Jehad,” premiered...

Students wait in AfterHours for a Valentine’s Day show featuring binki and local band Paper Lady. The show was hosted by Green Line Records, a Northeastern student-run record label.
Artists binki and Paper Lady ‘shout out love’ on Valentine’s Day
Quillan Anderson, photo editor • February 27, 2023

In an intimate Valentine’s Day performance, lovers, friends and singles all gathered in AfterHours to listen to artists Paper Lady and binki....

Gawker editor-in-chief Leah Finnegan poses at home with her dog. Finnegan spoke about the struggles she faced when the gossip site was abruptly shut down Feb. 1. Photo courtesy of Leah Finnegan.
Q&A: Gawker’s Leah Finnegan discusses publication’s closure, her future
Trevor Gardemal, news correspondent • February 27, 2023

For both Gawker and its editor-in-chief, Leah Finnegan, shutdowns are nothing new. This didn’t make it easier when Gawker’s parent company...

Between going to class, doing homework, holding part-time jobs, staying active in campus clubs, doing research and being on co-op, students have little time left to dedicate to popular resolutions. However, a few Northeastern students have found success in goal-making this year.
Two months into the New Year, students agree: the smaller the resolution, the better
Maggie Scales, news correspondent • February 27, 2023

As it is widely known, New Year's resolutions have a short shelf life. Strava dubbed Jan. 13 National Quitter’s Day — it is when most people...

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, going to a movie theater has become less common in the United States. This newfound hesitance toward the silver screen is having a financial impact on many major movie theater chains.
Column: Competition from streaming services cause movie theaters to struggle
Laura Emde, news staff • February 25, 2023

Many are familiar with the experience of paying $11 for a ticket to a new movie, waiting in line for an overpriced bag of popcorn and settling...

The historic ManRay club reopens, 18 years after its closure in 2005. In the ’80s and ’90s, ManRay was the hotspot for Boston and Cambridge’s alternative queer community.
Historic ManRay reopens, brings joy to Boston’s queer community across generations
Trevor Gardemal, news correspondent • February 24, 2023

About six years before ManRay closed and 24 years before it reopened, Rob Wilson met his partner at the club. Wilson, who was 28 at the time,...