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Review: ‘Folklore’ by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift releases her new album

Ingrid Angulo, deputy lifestyle editor

August 26, 2020

“Folklore” came as Taylor Swift’s biggest surprise yet. Announced merely hours ahead of its arrival, with co-writer credits from The National’s Aaron Dessner, fans had little time to speculate on what this new era of Swift could mean – but they still took to Twitter to analyze every single hint ...

Column: What your quarantine obsession says about you

Many people have taken to baking as a hobby during quarantine.

Sarah Olender, lifestyle editor

August 23, 2020

Time is really weird right now. On one hand, it seems like it was just yesterday we were mourning Kobe Bryant’s death, flying back to campus from spring break and celebrating Northeastern Women’s hockey team winning the Hockey East tournament. On the other hand, all of that feels a lifetime away....

How ‘Euphoria’ comments on Generation Z and society today

Featured is a picture of Zendaya, the omniscient narrator and one of the seven main characters, in

Jonas D. Ruzek, news correspondent

August 7, 2020

Last Tuesday, July 28, HBO’s “Euphoria,” was nominated for six Emmy Awards, exciting its fanbase attracted to the eloquence and haunting charm of its social commentary.  The title itself is ironic because the work teasingly dangles a sense of euphoria before the audience. The series' brillian...

Column: Black-owned restaurants to support near campus

Matt Yan, news staff

June 30, 2020

Graphic by: Avery Bleichfeld As Black Lives Matter protests continue in Boston and across the nation, it is important to support the movement on all fronts. Buying from black-owned local businesses and restaurants is especially powerful  in encouraging anti-racism and demonstrating solidarity. We’ve compiled a list of a Black-owned restaurants near campus for those in the area who are looking for more ways to contribute.   For upscale Italian fare, Mida – located in the South End at 782...

Nine things to do at home based on what you miss most from Boston

The top nine locations in Boston that Northeastern students miss the most according to a poll conducted in a Facebook group of Northeastern students.

Jayden Khatib, news staff

June 10, 2020

Since the spring semester’s abrupt ending in March, you may be stuck at home missing Boston. Nothing compares to being in the city, but there are still some ways to recapture the spirit of the places you miss most. Here’s a list of the top nine places missed most by Northeastern students (accordin...

How to stay healthy during quarantine

Quarantine forces people to stay confined in their homes, but there are many ways to keep your mind and body active.

Kelly Chan, deputy lifestyle editor

May 3, 2020

Your bedroom window may have been your only view for the past month or so, but there are still a number of ways to keep your body and mind active during the lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.  Many famed fitness brands are offering free online workouts and training services to the public. Usi...

Best Places to Thrift Around NU

Thrift shopping is an inexpensive way to get high quality clothing and there are lots of affordable options near NU.

Jayden Khatib and Arden Heminway

March 12, 2020

As Boston begins to warm up, consider visiting secondhand stores to spruce up your spring wardrobe.  There are a variety of benefits from secondhand shopping. Whether you choose to visit an affordable thrift store or a higher-end consignment boutique, you will most likely pay less to buy secondhand ...

MFA Queer Secrets tour highlights history of sexuality

There was a

George Barker, news staff

March 11, 2020

“You would think it wouldn’t make sense to sexualize Jesus Christ on the cross, but then you wouldn’t be a Renaissance painter,” said Professor Andrew Lear, the leader of the Queer Secrets of the MFA tour.  On March 4, a group of roughly 25 visitors was led to the “sexiest Jesus,” a p...

Brattle Theater hosts 25th edition of ‘Bugs Bunny Film Festival’

The Brattle Theater hosted the annual Bugs Bunny Film Festival.

Luiza Loyo, news correspondent

March 11, 2020

Amid posters of Alfred Hitchcock and a Casablanca-themed mural, it is clear that the owners of the Brattle Theatre love film. Running from Feb. 15 to Feb. 23, the Brattle held its 25th annual “Bugs Bunny Film Festival.” Shown in uncut 35mm film, the festival featured shorts of the beloved chara...

Anthro New England convention links furries to LGBTQ+ community

Anthrocon convention drew lots of

Arden Heminway, news correspondent

February 27, 2020

Luca the Fox, who is green with massive serrated ears and an unmissable rainbow tail was just one of the over 2,500 furries in attendance at Boston’s Anthro New England convention, or ANE, at Boston Park Plaza this past weekend. The furry community is a subculture that enjoys anything from drawing...

MassArt Museum opening brings free art to community

The MassArt Museum held its grand opening on Feb. 22.

Marisa Lijoi, news staff

February 27, 2020

On Feb. 22, Massachusetts College of Art and Design cut the ribbon and unveiled its galleries at the grand opening of its new community museum, the MassArt Museum, providing a space for free community art in the city of Boston. MassArt students and faculty, along with community supporters, were joined...

Column: ‘Mary Stuart’: A play about the 1500s? Think again.

Christelle Girimana plays the role of Queen Elizabeth I.

Pavithra Rajesh

February 19, 2020

On the eve of the opening night of “Mary Stuart,” dozens of the Northeastern cast members mentally prepare themselves for their show the following day. They soon have to embody several historical figures, including the prominent identities of Mary Stuart, the queen of Scotland, and Elizabeth I, the...