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Inventing Anna is Netflixs newest series focusing on women who use questionable means to get what they want. The docuseries leaves viewers unsure who to root for. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Review: Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ champions complex female characters

Katy Manning, news staff April 4, 2022

Netflix’s “Inventing Anna,” released Feb. 11, is the latest docuseries put out by the platform, offering viewers a look into the dramatic and often messy lives of a female con artist and the women...

Turning Red takes on young girlhood and coming of age, but some critics took issue with the films novel themes.

Column: ‘Turning Red’ criticized for themes of growing up

Sharon Chen, news correspondent April 3, 2022

Disney and Pixar’s latest film “Turning Red” follows 13-year-old Meilin Lee and her newfound tendency to transform into a giant, red panda when faced with intense emotions. The film explores Chinese...

AnnCatherine and Caroline Conneen host the Girls with Goals podcast. The twins hope to dive deeper into the conversation around wellness. Courtesy of AnnCatherine and Caroline Conneen.

Twins give double take on health, happiness on ‘Girls with Goals’ podcast

Gray Timberlake, news correspondent April 2, 2022

“What’s up everyone? Welcome back to “Girls with Goals” with your hosts, AnnCatherine and Caroline.” That’s how health and fitness micro-influencers and twin sisters, AnnCatherine and Caroline...

Moonshot takes a new, scientific take on the classic rom-com genre. Actors spoke with college journalists in a roundtable to discuss the themes of the film. Photo credit Clara McCourt.

Review: ‘Moonshot’ is a twist on earthbound rom-coms

Clara McCourt, managing editor March 30, 2022

Warner Bros.’ newest film, “Moonshot,” takes the romantic comedy genre into orbit. “Moonshot” takes place twenty years in the future, where a newly terraformed Mars is a beacon of hope for...

Discourse around the Olympics pit athletes Asian and American identities at odds with one another. The reaction stems from a history of anti-Asian racism in the U.S.

For Asian athletes, American acceptance faltered after Beijing Winter Olympics

Karissa Korman, deputy lifestyle editor March 28, 2022

At the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, Chinese American athletes like San Francisco native Eileen Gu were either winners or traitors.   A chorus of adverse U.S. voices deemed Gu, an 18-year-old freestyle...

This years Academy Awards is featuring a new category: Fan Favorite. The award brings into question the prestige of the Academy and the award ceremony itself if the general publics opinion is now considered.

#OscarsFanFavorite points to new direction for Academy Awards

Rachel Umansky-Castro, news staff March 27, 2022

The Academy Awards, or the Oscars, has honored and celebrated brilliant films for the past 93 years. The award shows are now taking a new focus, differentiating them from other traditional award ceremonies....

Hulus The Dropout is yet another instance highlighting societys obsession with the scammers. The recent series details the turbulent story of Elizabeth Holmes, who connived the world with her company, Theranos.

Column: ‘The Dropout’ exemplifies modern obsession with scamming

Juliana George, news staff March 27, 2022

“Inventing Anna.” “The Tinder Swindler.” “The Puppet Master.” In just the first three months of 2022, three Netflix original productions have revolved around major scams. In each, a master...

Rooted Living is a sustainable snack business created by Northeastern student Rachel Domb. The business offers food that encourages healthy eating. Courtesy of Rachel Domb.

Student-run business offers sustainable snacking options

Amelia Ballingall, news correspondent March 21, 2022

As the necessity and value of sustainability grows in the United States, consumer demand has pushed companies to produce environmentally-friendly options. In just the past five years, internet searches...

Springfest 2022 will offer in-person concerts, guest speakers and carnival activities for the first time since 2019. CUP executive board members hope the week of festivities will offer a sense of community and school spirit. Courtesy of CUP.

Springfest 2022 to offer live concert experience, feel-good energy

Katie Mogg, lifestyle editor March 12, 2022

Springfest, a week-long series of on-campus events for undergraduate students organized by Northeastern’s Council for University Programs, or CUP, will offer several programs from March 27 to April 2....

AfterHours gives local Boston artists a place to shine. Winkler performed  at the small Northeastern venue March 1.

‘Oops! All Locals’ concert showcases undiscovered Boston talent

Juliana George, news staff March 10, 2022

Northeastern’s AfterHours is a relatively small venue, sandwiched snugly between the Curry Student Center and the campus Starbucks. But it’s also the largest stage that Boston-based indie band Winkler...

TikTok trends influence Generation Z communication. This creates barriers for less technology-savvy age cohorts.

TikTok influences communication, creates generational divide

Alexis Borek, news correspondent March 9, 2022

As is the case for many members of Generation Z, for one first-year at Northeastern the line between online and real life is blurred. Celia Middleton, a combined psychology and health sciences major, said...

Viral TikTok page showcases Northeastern fashion, cultivates community

Viral TikTok page showcases Northeastern fashion, cultivates community

Alexa Grayson, news staff March 9, 2022

“Outfit of the day” videos, or OOTDs, of Northeastern students rose to TikTok fame in January when clips of student fashion began to attract hundreds of thousands of views.  Behind the fashion-filled...

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