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Its time for unnecessary violence in film to be done away with.
Op-ed: Graphic violence in film is dangerous if left unaddressed
Yeva Khranovska, contributor • November 29, 2021
Rape culture is deeply prevalent on college campuses as well as society as a whole, propped up by many institutions, customs and attitudes. One of the many ways in which sexual violence is normalized is through the inclusion of violence in film and other media. Every year, countless films and TV shows are released consisting of violent assault scenes, leaving a lasting effect on its viewers.
The United States needs to play a greater role in distributing COVID-19 vaccines to those who need them internationally.
Op-ed: Vaccine hoarding dangerously impacts everyone
Gabriel Holder, contributor • November 29, 2021
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, health officials touted the idea of a high-efficacy vaccine that could combat the deadly illness’ spread through the global population. Nearly two years into the pandemic, various vaccines have been developed and distributed with varying success. With nearly 60% of the United States vaccinated, it would be more beneficial to the global community for high-income nations to distribute doses overseas to low-income countries in order to mitigate the global effects of the pandemic.
The new bisexual Superman promotes representation for the LGBTQ+ community.
Op-ed: Bisexual Superman makes progress for LGBTQ+ visibility
Renée Abbott, contributor • November 17, 2021
While Superman’s son being bisexual is a big deal, it should also not be the end of DC’s pursuits to create a more inclusive and representative space. Disabled people, people of color, transgender people and other marginalized communities should also be able to see themselves in their favorite heroes and villains.
Qualified immunity excessively protects police officers.
Op-ed: Qualified immunity is unjustifiable
Haley Alphonse, contributor • November 14, 2021
Currently, officers are protected from liability in most civil rights cases due to this decision unless prosecutors can prove that a clearly established law was violated, typically by using similar cases as precedent. However, this has provided a legal loophole for officers, protecting them from most cases where accountability is necessary.
President Joe Biden must do more to help combat climate change.
Op-ed: Biden needs to continue to keep campaign promises, address climate crisis
Greta Magendantz, contributor • November 12, 2021
In a speech to fellow leaders last Monday, President Joe Biden talked the talk, referring to climate change as an “existential threat to human existence as we know it.” But can he walk the walk?
Orchestras should diversify to reflect the diverse talent present within the music industry.
Op-ed: White men overcrowd the orchestral industry
Jethro Ronald Lee, contributor • November 3, 2021
Music is full of color, and the diversity of individuals behind the art should reflect music’s infinite assortments of creativity.
Its important that we return to Halloween the way it was prior to COVID-19.
Op-ed: Pandemic protocols shouldn’t put limits on Halloween celebrations
Tim Zhao, contributor • October 30, 2021

Conflicts between public health and personal freedom began emerging prominently during the COVID-19 pandemic. As Halloween approaches, it’s...

Despite the desire to return to a normal Halloween, society must be careful in order to lessen the spread of COVID-19.
Op-ed: Trick-or-treating and Halloween parties are back, sort of
Haley Alphonse, contributor • October 30, 2021

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, approving Halloween’s annual trick-or-treating event in the United States, children...

Weekly test scheduling and the Daily Wellness Check can be found on the MyNortheastern portal.
Op-ed: Cough, cough don’t spread your sickness to everyone else
Kayla Shiao, contributor • October 29, 2021
We all want to get back to pre-pandemic learning, but potentially compromising the health and wellness of students to do so is not the way to go.
Certain Halloween costumes perpetuate cultural appropriation.
Op-ed: When do Halloween costumes cross the line of appropriation? 
Gabriel Holder, contributor • October 25, 2021
Halloween: a celebrated and fondly anticipated event for children and college students alike. It is a holiday of embracing costumes and decorations which allow us to transform into something we are not. As our country continues to grapple with its past of racism and degradation of non-white cultures, and as the idea of cultural appropriation becomes increasingly recognized, one question remains salient: How does cultural appropriation define Halloween costumes?