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Those who identify within the Asian and Pacific Islander, or AAPI, community should be equally represented in the film and television industry. Their voices matter and should be recognized on the big screen rather than only the white actors.

Op-ed: The film industry needs to improve its Asian and Pacific Islander representation

Jethro R. Lee, contributor May 12, 2022

As a Filipino Chinese American, I am instilled with the hope that I can still achieve my dreams as a minority in the United States whenever I see an Asian and Pacific Islander, or AAPI, actor on television...

Northeasterns global campuses are not receiving the same resources as the main campus in Boston. Study abroad students within the and NU Bound programs stress the need for the same available support.

Op-ed: Northeastern needs to provide resources for study abroad students

Rachel Umansky-Castro, opinion editor May 6, 2022

With a school like Northeastern that promotes campus resources, why is it that not all students feel supported? Due to Northeastern's increasing study body, the university is sending more students abroad...

With the 2022 midterm elections coming up, we must do our part by registering to vote in order to have our voices heard.

Op-ed: We need to pay attention to voter suppression laws ahead of the 2022 midterm elections

Ashley Clark, contributor May 2, 2022

Politicians are trying to stop you from voting. In the nine month period between January 2021 and September 2021, nineteen states enacted 33 laws that make it more difficult to cast a ballot. It is a direct...

The United States must avoid getting into a war while still taking a stand against Russia.

Op-ed: We must stop technological exports while avoiding a complete ban on Russian products

Tim Zhao, contributor April 19, 2022

President Joe Biden recently tweeted, "Our European, American, British colleagues will not stop and will not calm down until they have exhausted all their possibilities for the so-called punishment of...

The fast paced spread of information on social media platforms should not be a replacement for traditional news outlets.

Op-ed: Content on social media is no alternative to professional news outlets

Alexis Zacharakos, contributor April 15, 2022

We cannot go online without a reminder of the current war in Ukraine. Not only on news outlets is the event thoroughly covered but on social media platforms as well. The credibility of information spread...

Antisemitism has played an increasing role in Putins invasion and war efforts against Ukraine.

Op-ed: How Antisemitism is Ingrained Into the Russia-Ukraine War

Isabel Baron, contributor April 15, 2022

Eastern Europe has dealt with antisemitism in different capacities for centuries on end, but Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent statement regarding his mission to, among other things, “denazify”...

The US must support Ukraine, while avoiding the possibility of war.

Op-ed: Global conflict with Russia is one thing we can’t afford

Melissa Rejuan , contributor April 3, 2022

Over the past three months, Russian President Vladimir Putin has begun one of the largest attacks on a European country in decades. What was initially called a “special military operation” has escalated...

Classical music should still be valued in todays society.

Op-ed: Classical music has value despite its ‘old-fashioned’ reputation in pop culture

Jethro R. Lee, contributor April 1, 2022

You’ve probably heard the flashy, up-beat music of BTS, Lil Nas X and Ariana Grande blasting from the radio. Popular music today heavily relies on technology to capture the sentiment a composer intends...

Floridas recently passed House Bill 1557 presents potential harm to LGBTQ+ students.

Op-ed: Everyone should pay attention to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill

Renée Abbott, staff writer March 27, 2022

Florida lawmakers passed the House Bill 1557, or the “Don’t Say Gay bill,” Feb. 24. Florida House Representative Joe Harding sponsored the bill and argues that it is about “empower[ing] parents,”...

British Monarchy graphic

Op-ed: It’s time to change the British monarchy — or completely abolish it

Ava Alaeddini, contributor March 22, 2022

The British monarchy has been a constant fixture throughout the United Kingdom’s long history. While the crown has been handed down to multiple different monarchs, it has prevailed despite the rocky...

Students crowded near Curry Student Center learning about campus clubs and organizations. There were more than 350 organizations represented at Fall Fest.

Op-ed: Northeastern must address the overcrowding problem

Rachel Umansky-Castro, contributor March 19, 2022

Northeastern students have noticed the overwhelming number of students on campus this past year. Classes are getting more crowded, dining halls are busier, residence mail takes longer and housing is more...

Students should prioritize taking breaks from school work for both mental and physical health.

Op-ed: Stop feeling guilty for taking a break

Jethro R. Lee, contributor March 16, 2022

Similar to many students, my first semester at Northeastern required a lot of adaptation. Throughout my senior year of high school, I expected college to provide me with scarcely any free time, and I predicted...

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