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The Orange Line closing negatively affected  Northeastern students ability to arrive on campus.

Op-ed: MBTA construction has been a burden on Northeastern students 

Tim Zhao, contributor November 1, 2022

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation, or MBTA, Orange Line connecting Forest Hills and Oak Grove has been the second most traveled line since its construction in 1901. The entire line was shut down from...

Snell Librarys 4th floor quiet policy is not respected among many students.

Op-ed: Students must respect Snell’s fourth floor silent policy

Sophia Schultz, contributor November 1, 2022

Snell Library, located in the center of Northeastern University’s campus, is the school’s only official undergraduate library space. Snell is a four-story building, which is conveniently divided into...

Number-crunching machines have corrupted the U.S. News college ranking system.

Op-ed: Monitor your math machines

Jethro R. Lee, contributor November 1, 2022

The last time I touched an Encyclopedia was in sixth grade. Since then, Google and its algorithms have, like for many, become my number one resource for answering my questions. In our increasingly technologically...

Op-ed: Northeastern transfer students aren’t treated like other students 

Op-ed: Northeastern transfer students aren’t treated like other students 

Paige Keeler, contributor November 1, 2022

Transferring colleges is a stressful process as it is — students have to deal with transferring credits, making new friends and being in a new environment — but it is an adjustment that is only made...

Northeastern students are advocating for an end to sexual violence on college campuses.

Op-ed: Fraternities have a duty to combat sexual violence on campus

Frank R. Mastroianni, contributor October 26, 2022

Content warning: Discussions of sexual assault, violence and rape Editor’s note: If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual violence, there are resources on our campus to help you.  To make...

Op-ed: NU’s attendance policy negatively impacts students

Op-ed: NU’s attendance policy negatively impacts students

Ava Alaeddini, contributor October 26, 2022

While I am enjoying the fully in-person return to campus life, I am dreading getting sick from the endless contact, which could result in me needing to miss class. The start of the fall 2022 semester marked...

The increasement of tuition prices can disrupt students education.

Op-ed: Rising tuition undermines the accessibility of education

Ada Spiwak, contributor October 26, 2022

For today's college-aged generation, earning an undergraduate degree is essential. In most well-paying industries, it has almost become the equivalent of a high school degree 50 years ago. The key difference,...

From the Americanized Brit, does Queen Elizabeth II deserve our grief?

From the Americanized Brit, does Queen Elizabeth II deserve our grief?

Jemima Barroll Brown, contributor October 17, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II passed away Sept. 8 after ruling for just over 70 years. During her reign, she worked with 15 prime ministers and met with every U.S. president since her ascension (except for Lyndon...

Protesters march through the streets of Boston June 24 after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. After the Supreme Courts decision, a variety of states started imposing bans on abortion access.

The masquerading of states’ rights

Gabriel Holder, deputy opinion editor September 18, 2022

The centuries-old power struggle between the sovereignty of states and the federal government to which they pledge fealty has given rise to great schisms in American democracy and ideals. The overturning...

Northeasterns International Village turned a single into a double by inserting a bunk bed, which creates a tight living space.

Column: Northeastern needs to fix the current housing crisis

Rachel Umansky-Castro, opinion editor  September 10, 2022

It took six months, until mid-August, for my roommate and me to receive our housing information. This summer was filled with stressful planning and setbacks, as we vied for a dwindling number of dorms....

People celebrate Pride at Boston Pop-up Pride June 12. During Pride month, Northeastern tweeted its support about the LGBQ+ community.

Op-ed: Northeastern shows little support for the LGBTQ+ Community

Ezra Statsky-Frank, contributor September 10, 2022

While Northeastern boasts an inclusive environment on campus, institutional support for the LGBTQ+ community is minimal at best. To provide an example, June, Pride month, is a time for members of the LGBTQ+...

This photo of an old Uyghur man wearing a Tumaq, which means a fur hat, is a cultural accessory that Uyghur people wear. There are  many injustices being done to these Uyghur people and we must speak up against the oppression.

Op-ed: Oppression impacts everyone negatively

Kaiser Mejit, contributor May 17, 2022

When I was working at Snell Library as an international graduate student in 1998, I came across a magazine cover photo by chance. Laid across the cover stood a handsome but sad-looking, old Uyghur man...

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