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Certain Halloween costumes perpetuate cultural appropriation.

Op-ed: When do Halloween costumes cross the line of appropriation? 

Gabriel Holder, contributor October 25, 2021
Halloween: a celebrated and fondly anticipated event for children and college students alike. It is a holiday of embracing costumes and decorations which allow us to transform into something we are not. As our country continues to grapple with its past of racism and degradation of non-white cultures, and as the idea of cultural appropriation becomes increasingly recognized, one question remains salient: How does cultural appropriation define Halloween costumes?
Northeastern students partying recklessly in surrounding communities is concerning and deserves our attention.

Op-ed: Underage drinking at Northeastern has become a cause for concern

Yeva Khranovska, contributor October 19, 2021
With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions since last semester and the return to on-campus instruction, there has been a surge in off-campus partying and underage drinking.
The general quality of life at NU has improved from last years coronavirus-induced slump, but there is still work to be done.

Op-ed: How can Northeastern better protect our pack?

Sophia Ubertalli, contributor October 17, 2021
While coming back to campus and going to every single class in person has made last year fade into somewhat of a distant memory, there is still a lot of room for improvement around campus.
As the Delta variants presence continues, we must remain safe by physically staying away from those who arent fully vaccinated.

Op-ed: Safety is most important — avoid those who aren’t fully vaccinated

Sanjana Sanghani, contributor October 16, 2021
In order to best protect everyone, we can change our own habits by distancing ourselves from unvaccinated people and continuing mask use indoors.
People continue to use social media to portray a fake version of themselves.

Column: The dark side of social media and the screen

Alyssa Endres, columnist October 8, 2021
You are enough and worth more than any number of likes or followers on Instagram. You do not have to change yourself to better fit the standards perpetuated by social media. You deserve to feel happy with who you are. 
Social media polarizes society through political posts.

Column: Political discourse on social media continues to divide society

Madison Boudreau Popovic, opinion editor October 1, 2021
From standing up for tax reform to social and racial justice, there’s a time and place for it all. In recent years, politics began to infiltrate aspects of society where it never belonged. This, in turn, promotes the spread of negativity and toxicity worldwide. It appears that no one can escape politics, no matter where they turn.
Feminist activist and author bell hooks reveals the issues with todays feminist theory.

Op-ed: To actually empower women, let us fire the girlboss

Lily Xu, contributor September 28, 2021
Girlbosses use what hooks states as a “common oppression” ploy to use performative activism to generate profits. Girlbosses plaster a surface-level women empowerment movement into consumer culture, despite the ugly truth that their businesses are rampant with the very things they preach against.
Climate change continues to negatively impact the world.

Op-ed: Does Boston have enough climate change precautions in the aftermath of storms like Hurricane Ida?

Ava Alaeddini, contributor September 27, 2021
I think it is safe to say that climate change is one of the biggest threats to our world, and one cannot help but notice it within everyday life. Extreme weather has been hitting Boston hard.
The recent Texas abortion law is unconstitutional and violates the rights of many Texans.

Column: Texas’ new abortion law is unconstitutional

Alyssa Endres, columnist September 25, 2021
As students at Northeastern, it is important to be aware of this type of news because this law does not only affect people in Texas. The passing of this law is a rude awakening to the possibility of other states implementing similar legislation, cracking down on reproductive rights even harder than before.
Northeastern requires COVID-19 vaccination and testing for students and staff.

Op-ed: NU is right in requiring COVID-19 testing, vaccination

Sarah Barber, contributor September 7, 2021
We all want to return to fully in person, unmasked classes and campus life. The best way to achieve that goal is to require vaccination for all faculty and staff, as Northeastern has done, and as other colleges must do.
Athletes in the 2020 Olympics tackled double standards in sports.

Column: Double standards in sports are sexist and unhealthy

Madison Boudreau Popovic, opinion editor September 1, 2021
The one thing I noticed from my time as an athlete was the deliberate and obvious double standards in sports: how people put unfair expectations on females that are never applied to males and how the sports industry tends to prioritize physical health over mental health. 
Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was accused of sexual assault and harassment.

Column: The degrading sexual harassment epidemic in politics and the workplace

Alyssa Endres, columnist August 27, 2021
Bringing about more awareness and getting more serious about investigating allegations can help to end the stigma surrounding sexual assault.
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