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Column: Let Trump continue to make America great again

Column: Let Trump continue to make America great again
Madison Boudreau Popovic, columnist October 28, 2020

As the next presidential election looms over the United States, President Donald J. Trump is fighting to remain in office for another four years against former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump has improved...

Op-ed: Gen Z, let’s build back better with Biden-Harris

Op-ed: Gen Z, let’s build back better with Biden-Harris
Jackson Hurley, contributor October 28, 2020

This country is at a critical inflection point. We are peering down a forked path, with two very distinct visions for the future. As voters, many for the first time, the choice we make in this election...

Op-ed: Making Election Day a holiday will help, but we need to fight voter suppression

Northeastern Votes tables outside of Curry Student Center.
George LaBour, contributor October 28, 2020

On Capitol Hill, Democrats have proposed making election day a national holiday to increase public participation. With little to no movement on this legislation in D.C., individual states and organizations...

Op-ed: Northeastern should have made Election Day a holiday

Op-ed: Northeastern should have made Election Day a holiday
Co-authored by the Northeastern University College Democrats e-board and the Northeastern University College Republicans e-board October 27, 2020

Election Day is a critically important occasion that impacts all Americans, but many still struggle to cast a vote. Many barriers to voting remain, including long wait times at polling stations, inaccessible...

Op-ed: Eliminating spring break will be detrimental to mental health

Northeastern has extended winter holiday by one week and canceled Spring Break.
Mia Merchant, contributor October 27, 2020

When Northeastern’s administration sent out an email Oct. 6 announcing their decision to extend winter break by one week and cancel spring break, my first thought was that they’re just being cautious....

Column: Greek life needs to be reformed, but abolishment isn’t the answer

In recent months, Greek life has fallen under scrutiny and many have called for its abolishment.
Taylor Hsu, columnist October 25, 2020

Over the summer, college students called to abolish the Greek life system. These demands started alongside, and are a part of, the national reckoning over institutional racism in the past few months. The...

Op-ed: ‘Mansplaining’ is overused and can undermine true cases of the practice

Op-ed: 'Mansplaining' is overused and can undermine true cases of the practice
Madison Boudreau Popovic, contributor October 22, 2020

There is no doubt that women have been seen as inferior to men throughout history. There is still work to be done, but we must also recognize the great progress women have achieved with gender equality....

Op-ed: Dining must meet the standards of NU’s COVID-19 response

Students leave International Village Dining with “grab ’n go” meals.
Arjun Ramachandrula, contributor October 18, 2020

When you walk into the busy Stetson East dining hall, you’re immediately struck by the social distancing precautions, with red circular tiles warning you to stay six feet apart, several panes of glass...

Column: Northeastern, vote yes on ranked choice voting

Question 2, or ranked choice voting, will be on the November Mass. ballot.
Jacob Kemp, columnist October 14, 2020

From 29 candidates in the Democratic presidential primary to nine primary candidates in our very own Massachusetts 4th Congressional district race, 2020 has been a year of bloated races and overwhelming...

Column: Columbus Day was always racist and must be replaced

This year Northeastern officially replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day.
Brittany Mendez, opinion editor October 14, 2020

In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He had three ships, colonized the Americas and murdered millions of Indigenous people, too. You’ve probably never heard that version of the nursery...

Op-ed: Out of respect, say my name correctly

In recent years, there have been reports of students being asked to Anglicize their given names.
Taylor Hsu, contributor October 8, 2020

Have you ever been asked how to pronounce your name or to come up with a nickname? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Phuc Bui Diem Nguyen when her professor asked her to Anglicize her name, but...

Column: Online platforms like Dear PWI help combat racism

Protests in response of police brutality has sparked conversations about racism in education.
Poon Singhatiraj, columnist October 7, 2020

Earlier this summer, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a white police officer, there was a national reckoning over institutional racism. People were forced to have uncomfortable, yet...

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