Op-ed: Northeastern has a Canada Goose problem


Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Every other student is wearing a winter coat with the famous emblem on their sleeve: Canada Goose.

Deanna Schwartz

Duck, duck, Canada Goose.

This is a game I often find myself playing as I walk around campus. It seems that every other person I see is wearing a winter coat with the famous Canada Goose emblem on the sleeve. On any given day, I can walk into Curry Student Center and point out at least 15 people with Canada Goose coats.

Every time I see one of these coats, something stirs inside of me. It’s not because I want a Canada Goose coat. It’s because I think Canada Goose coats are a terrible plague on Northeastern.

For starters, they are ridiculously expensive. The average Canada Goose jacket is going to set you back around $1,000. No one should ever pay this much for a coat. I promise it is possible to find a reasonably priced coat that will keep you warm.

To me, it seems like wearing a Canada Goose coat is just a way of saying “Hey, I have more money than you!” At one of the least economically diverse schools in America, a Canada Goose coat is like an emblem to show you’re the richest of the rich.

Beyond the costliness of the coats, there is a much bigger problem: Canada Goose kills animals to create their jackets.

Canada Goose uses real coyote fur for the fur lining of their coats. The Fur and Down Policy on their website states that the fur comes from “humanely trapped” animals and that “all fur sourced by Canada Goose is in accordance with the Agreement of International Humane Trapping Standards in Canada and the Best Management Practices in the United States.”

Does trapping animals “humanely” and following laws make it okay to kill them and use their fur? I don’t think so. I don’t care how stylish and warm the jackets are. It’s never okay to wear real fur.

I’m not saying you need to go full-on Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde 2” and fight to end Canada Goose altogether. I’m also not saying you need to throw away your Canada Goose coat that cost you or your parents a small fortune.

Maybe think twice before buying your next Canada Goose parka. Some brands that do not kill animals and won’t require you to sell a kidney: North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer, Adidas, Montane, London Fog and Land’s End — almost anything but Canada Goose.

Save your cash and save the animals.