Release: The Huntington News is debt-free


Samantha Barry

The News has maintained a biweekly print schedule while eliminating its debt.

The Huntington News is out of debt after making the final payment to its former printer, Turley Publications, on Jan. 28. Over the last seven years, The News paid off more than $30,000 of debt through donations, fundraising and advertising revenue.

After becoming independent from Northeastern University in 2008, The News incurred many new expenses at the peak of the nation’s financial crisis. Leaders of The News did not properly manage or budget for rent, printing costs and other miscellaneous expenses. Once a weekly print publication, The News halved its print production cycle, gave up its privately rented office and cut discretionary spending. Extensive fundraising efforts and donation campaigns supplemented revenue from advertisements, and The News refrained from printing in the absence of advertisement sales.

“This is a bright moment for student journalism and a proud day for the entire staff of The News,” Editor-in-Chief Charlie Wolfson said. “The hard work of countless people over the past several years brought us from deep uncertainty to today’s announcement, and I’m grateful to be leading our newsroom with the strength of that financial stability.”

The News would not have survived without the support of the Northeastern community. The paper is committed to continuing to pursue its mission of serving the community with original, impactful reporting and creating an environment in which student journalists can learn from each other.