[UPDATED] NUPD and BPD officers respond to shooting near campus


Boston Police parked officers on Leon Street after the shooting.

Jordan Baron

A shooting occurred on Annunciation Road near Ruggles and Leon streets Tuesday night, according to Northeastern Police Department and Boston Police Department officers on the scene.

No one was shot and the investigation was still ongoing, said Officer José Diaz of the Boston Police Department, or BPD. The Northeastern Police Department, or NUPD, later reported in an email alert to the Northeastern community that the two suspects ran from Annunciation Road onto Leon Street and into Northeastern’s campus.

NUPD Deputy Chief Ruben Galindo said the suspect was seen running into West Village Garage on campus. Galindo also said a BPD canine unit searched the garage and NUPD officers swept Behrakis Health Science Center in search of the suspect. 

After clearing Behrakis, Galindo said NUPD officers continued sweeping in the basement and lower floors of West Village E out of an abundance of caution. The building was later cleared around 9:45 p.m., according to a NUPD officer.

NUPD issued a shelter in place order and told members of the Northeastern community to avoid the area. NUPD later sent a follow-up alert and gave the all clear to the Northeastern community.

Updated 10:10 p.m. November 3 to include that NUPD issued the all clear.

Updated 11:11 p.m. November 3 to include that NUPD reported that there were two suspects and that they confirmed the suspects entered Northeastern campus.