Jorio-Chávez slate wins 2022 SGA election by executive board overruling


Quillan Anderson

Angelica Jorio (left) speaks at a March 10 SGA presidential debate. Jorio and Sebastian Chávez (center) will will take up the offices of President and Executive Vice President, respectively, on July 1st, 2022.

Clara McCourt and Grace Comer

Angelica Jorio and Sebastian Chávez of the Jorio-Chávez slate replaced Rhea Tipnis and Abigail Sodergren of the New Horizons slate as student body president elect and executive vice president elect, respectively, according to a statement by the Student Government Association’s Executive Board Thursday night.

This reverses Monday night’s emergency secret ballot vote in which the senate elected the New Horizons slate as the newest student body president and executive vice president. 

“The Executive Board has made the decision to nullify the results of the Senate’s emergency election, which once again should have never happened in the first place, and recognize Jorio-Chávez as the winning slate of this year’s student body elections, given that they received a simple majority, or plurality, of the student votes in the direct election,” the Executive Board wrote.

Jorio-Chávez garnered 42% of the total student votes, while New Horizons received 35%. Per the SGA’s Direct Election Manual, or DEM, since no slate had reached the threshold of 50% of the votes plus one, an emergency election in the Senate took place, resulting in the election of the New Horizons slate.

The results of the secret ballot vote were met with strong reactions online as students voiced their frustration that the student body vote was overturned. 

“We are very relieved that the voice of the student body has been heard,” The Jorio-Chávez slate wrote in a statement to The News March 31. “This was a true testament to the power students hold and what they can achieve when they band together. We are simply blown away by the amount of support we received in the last couple of days and throughout this entire campaign period.”

The SGA Executive Board overruled the Senate’s decision to interpret Jorio-Chávez’s percentage of votes as a win, despite receiving a plurality, conflicting with SGA precedent. 

“This interpretation was unquestioned by the Executive Board at the time, which we take full responsibility for. At the end of the day, this mistake of ours is why we felt the need to take action now, even though we should have made this decision prior to Senate on Monday,” the Executive Board wrote.

The New Horizons slate attested to the difficulty of reaching this decision in the senate. 

“In terms of SGA e-board and their decision memo, we end with nothing but utter respect for them and their decisions,” New Horizons wrote in a statement to The News March 31. “We want to acknowledge that this must have been just as tough a time for them as it was for us, so we hope this final memo will allow everyone to look forward to the future.”

The Jorio-Chávez slate said they look forward to the future as they take up the roles of student body president and executive vice president.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us and cannot wait to get to work to re-establish the student body at the core of everything SGA does,” the slate wrote. 

Both members of the New Horizons slate expressed their confidence that the SGA will grow from this election and continue to represent student voices. 

“New Horizons is not and never was just about an election. It encompassed my and Abigail’s passion for driving change on campus and creating a more welcoming and inclusive Northeastern,” New Horizons wrote. “We end this election journey with the hope that we were able to convey this message to our fellow students and that in this process, we helped students realize the power that they have to drive change.”

The Jorio-Chávez slate also addressed the personal attacks she said the SGA witnessed against members of the two slates. 

“We want to take a moment to join SGA leadership in condemning all personal attacks that have occured in person and online. The election process has been an incredibly tense situation for all involved, but there is no excuse to make others feel targeted, hurt, or unsafe,” the Jorio-Chávez slate wrote in their statement.

Angelica Jorio and Sebastian Chávez will take up the offices of president and executive vice president, respectively, on July 1.

Editor’s note: Angelica Jorio, the president-elect, is the former design editor for The News.

Editor’s note: The story was updated Thursday April 14 at 9:47 p.m. to correct the date of the SGA debate in the photo caption. The debate occurred March 10, not March 14.