Northeastern to host eight free COVID-19 vaccine clinics on Boston campus


Marta Hill

Although mandatory COVID-19 testing and masking are now policies of the past, Northeastern announced Sept. 26 that they would still be offering vaccine clinics and at-home rapid antigen tests to students free of charge.

Sonel Cutler, Grace Comer, and Andy He

Northeastern will offer eight opportunities over the next two months for students on the Boston campus to get COVID-19 vaccinations, according to an email from Daniel Solworth, the vice chancellor of wellness and student success. The announcement also confirmed that Northeastern will continue to offer at-home rapid antigen tests free of charge on all its campuses. 

In the Sept. 26 email, students are invited to register for an appointment online and visit the Frost Lounge in Ell Hall to receive either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines free of charge. The first clinic will be held this Thursday, Sept. 29, with an additional two dates available in October and five dates in November. 

All Northeastern students, faculty or other regular visitors to campus are required to have a full course of one- or two-dose vaccines and at least one additional booster shot. Although these clinics are only available to students on the Boston campus, the email also shared resources available for the other global campuses including California, Washington, Maine, North Carolina, Virginia, British Columbia and Ontario, as well as resources for Boston-based students who might be unable to book an appointment at the Northeastern clinic. 

Rapid antigen tests are available for all students upon request at the Crossroads Desk in Curry Student Center or at University Health and Counseling Services, or UHCS, for Boston students. Oakland students can pick up tests from the Student Health Center and students at all other campuses can receive tests from the campus operational staff with no appointment or pre-registration required. 

Northeastern spokesperson Shannon Nargi said in an email to The News that students can receive one free rapid antigen test a week, but accommodations will be made for students who have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual or who are showing COVID-19 symptoms. Nargi also said Boston students are encouraged to pick up their tests from the Crossroads Desk rather than UHCS if possible.

On the same day, Markiyah Bullar, the residence director of International Village, shared another email regarding COVID-19 guideline for isolation and quarantine for students living in International Village. The guide said students who have tested positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate for a minimum of five days in their room. COVID-19 positive students are advised to wear a mask at all times, avoid common spaces, including hallways and laundry rooms and coordinate with their roommates regarding their isolation plan. Students are allowed to return back to daily activities after a negative COVID-19 antigen test.

Students who have had close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual, including roommates, do not have to follow these isolation guidelines. They are, however, advised to test every two to three days and stay at a distance from roommates for 10 days following the positive test date or the first day experiencing symptoms. All retail locations and Boost Mobile Ordering App will offer take out, and the email also suggests that COVID-19 positive students make use of the Ozzi take-out boxes available at The Eatery at Stetson East and United Table at International Village dining halls.