Column: Ten female artists on the rise


Ananya Kulkarni

Female artists are integral to the music industry. Many of the young female artists changing the game are right here at Northeastern.

Alexis Algazy, news correspondent

The music industry is home to many creative female storytellers who use music as their vehicle of communication. From female artists with songs on the Billboard charts to up-and-coming artists here on Northeastern’s campus, here are ten female artists worth a listen.

For relatable indie pop, check out:

1. Brye

This modern indie pop artist uses their music to articulate their experience with eating disorders and their struggle with mental health, resulting in lyrics that many teenagers and young adults can relate to. Their newest single, “Diet Culture,” promotes body positivity and takes a stance against toxic diet culture. They have 269,300 followers on TikTok and use TikTok to promote their music releases, with videos gaining millions of views.

For a sublime voice on Northeastern’s campus, check out:

2. Twig Lake

Northeastern student Emma Zachary tells stories through music. Her single “Momma’s Boy” is inspired by her friend, whom she compares to the stereotypical momma’s boy. The music is arranged to radiate the feeling of missing someone. Her thoughtfulness shines through her lyrics, laid on top of her ethereal acoustic guitar riffs. Twig Lake embodies honest songwriting, successfully expressing Zachary’s emotions and stories.  

For an all-around amazing performer, check out:

3. Tate McRae 

Nineteen-year-old Tate McRae found her audience years ago by competing on the show “So You Think You Can Dance” and subsequently going viral on social media. Her music first gained headway five years ago when she posted an original song, “One Day,” on her YouTube channel, gaining 39 million views. She has since released a multitude of songs and performed live alongside industry talents like Shawn Mendes. 

For a meaningful lyricist, check out:

4. Arden Lloyd

Northeastern University student and singer-songwriter Arden Lloyd blends folk, indie rock and jazz to create a personal sound enhanced by her meaningful lyrics. Her debut album “This Moment” is composed of a deliberate blend between vocals, lyrics and instrumentals that combine to create moving songs and stories. Her song “An Intro” showcases her instrumental storytelling abilities, as the meaning of the song is told through the delicate piano line and would be understood even without the lyrics. 

For a modern take on jazz music, check out:

5. Samara Joy

This jazz singer is making her mark on the industry, winning two Grammys this year for best jazz vocal album and best new artist. At 23, Samara Joy brings a youthful and positive spirit to the soulful and history-rich genre. She is just beginning to explore writing, having composed the lyrics for “Nostalgia (The Day I Knew),” featured on her album “Linger Awhile.” Joy’s career has just begun, and her music continues to grow alongside her audience. 

For a thematic album, check out:

6. Katie Dolce

Northeastern student Katie Dolce released her first album “Swallowing a Stone” on Spotify in 2022. The album expresses how keeping secrets can take a toll on you. The singer-songwriter tapped into old and new writing to create their album, which was produced right in her dorm room. Her song “Circus” touches upon how, like a circus performer, she can gain people’s attention but that the person they perceive her as isn’t necessarily accurate. 

For a unique sound, check out:

7. Em Beihold 

This indie pop singer-songwriter uses her music as a form of therapy, and her audience can relate to the feelings and stories she expresses through each song. Her lyrics are honest and sometimes blunt, this truthful quality is what many young adults crave, and Em Beihold delivers. Her song “Numb Little Bug” lays vulnerable lyrics about anxiety and depression over upbeat pop music, creating a duality unique to her as an artist.

For musical self-reflection, check out:

8. Ella Jane

Pop artist Ella Jane found a love for songwriting after realizing she could use her music to express her thoughts and feelings. As a young adult, Ella Jane is dealing with the same changes many experience during their early twenties and her music reiterates this coming of age theme. Her most recent album, titled “Marginalia,” meaning “in the margins,” does exactly that, like her song “Party Trick,” where she talks about the unreciprocated feelings she has for a man she met at a party. 

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9. Sorellé

This trio of sisters recently made their debut on “The Voice,” but have been displaying their sound on social media for a few years. The sisters compose harmonies that give their music a unique depth. The trio has released a handful of singles over the past few years, with their most played being “Ghost,” an upbeat pop number that tells the story of a girl proud of her decision to move on from her ex.

For a new talent, check out: 

10. Sara Beth

This singer from Northern California displayed her voice on the current season of “American Idol,” winning herself a ticket to the next round of the competition. Her bright personality matches the tone she sings with. She has released one single, “Last October,” where she reflects upon how the past year has affected her, wishing she could return to the previous October and give her past self advice. As she’s gained a following on social media, she has teased more original music.