Freshman Cam Maldonado is a force to be reckoned with, and he’s just getting started


Photo credit Jim Pierce

Cam Maldonado takes a swing during a game. The freshman’s .364 batting average is the second-highest on the team.

Sarah Popeck, news staff

Cam Maldonado stepped onto the diamond for the Huskies just a few months ago, but he has already been a standout for the team. 

He has his family, specifically his dad, to thank for the start of his journey.

“My dad played baseball when he was younger, so he wanted his kids to play sports,” Maldonado said. “I played a lot of sports when I was younger, but baseball was the one I felt I was the best at.”

Maldonado was the fifth-best player and second-best shortstop in Connecticut, playing four seasons with Hamden Hall Country Day School. 

In the summer before starting at Northeastern, he played with Norwich of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League, recording a home run while on the team and an impressive .289 batting average that has only continued to improve.

Northeastern is close to his hometown of Wolcott, which still allows his parents to watch his games and cheer him on from the sidelines.

Coming onto the team brought its challenges. Between practicing on a division one level and taking on a business administration major with a finance concentration, he has learned to adjust to a new environment.

“In the fall, I was nervous to come here,” Maldonado said. “As winter and spring came, we came together on the road for hours and hours of traveling and got close on the field celebrating our wins.”

While Maldonado was a shortstop in high school, he chose to switch positions and found his place as an outfielder instead.

“It was easy to get to know him,” volunteer assistant coach Matt Chamberlain said. “You could see the talent right away. Day after day, he put in the work and kept getting better and the rest is history.”

Maldonado hit his first home run with the Huskies when they played South Florida, adding four RBIs in that game. It was a special moment for him as they swept the series, but that was just the start — he set the Northeastern program record for most home runs in a freshman season with 12 and counting.

“Every time he does well, I get more excited for him than I probably would for myself if I did something well,” said freshman infielder Carmelo Musacchia. “To see the smile on his face for all the work he put in, it’s awesome to see it play out.”

As an outfielder, he has racked up 77 putouts with a .988 fielding percentage and has been performing exceptionally well.

“He’s newer to the outfield, but he’s learning really quickly,” Chamberlain said. “He brings a sense of confidence that he can come in and do what he’s doing as a freshman. It’s been a pleasure, to say the least.”

Not only is Maldonado a powerhouse on the field, but he has also had 64 hits and 38 runs this season alongside 24 stolen bases. With a .364 batting average, the second-highest on the team, he has a spot on the lineup as a strong hitter. 

“It’s hard to find something that [Maldonado] doesn’t do well,” Chamberlain said. “He is one of the kids that you have to hold back. He works so hard and would run through a wall, so working on some of the technical stuff and slowing the game down has been his biggest thing.”

His impressive season has earned him CAA recognition as Rookie of the Week twice. He is beyond grateful for the title and appreciates the support his team has given him along the way to challenge him and push his limits.

“The ups and downs make you motivated. Spending time with your teammates is honestly the best part of baseball,” Maldonado said. “Having fun and playing on the field with your team — that’s what you live for.”

Outside of baseball, Maldonado dedicates a lot of time to his friends and exploring Boston, usually by scootering around to see the city at its fullest. Musacchia considers him “entertaining” to be around, both on the field and as one of his closest friends.

“He’s got a goal in mind,” Musacchia said. “He’s always there for his teammates to have a good laugh and have fun.”

The freshman class has been changing the program for the better – their efforts have put the team in the top-25, which is the first time in the program’s history.

As his freshman season approaches its end, he looks forward to welcoming new players next year and building the same connections he’s been fortunate to have with current members.

“We definitely learned a lot as freshmen coming in,” Musacchia said. “Sticking through it together, learning every day from the older guys and experience taught us a lot. We just get better every single day.”

Undoubtedly, he will continue to make a memorable first year to set the tone for the rest of his collegiate career.

“I go up to the box and have confidence and a clear mind. I hear my teammates in the dugout celebrating so I’m just going to enjoy it and see what happens,” Maldonado said. “I’m just a freshman and I’ve got nothing to lose.”