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Op-ed: Dining must meet the standards of NU’s COVID-19 response

Students leave International Village Dining with “grab ’n go” meals.

Arjun Ramachandrula, contributor

October 18, 2020

When you walk into the busy Stetson East dining hall, you’re immediately struck by the social distancing precautions, with red circular tiles warning you to stay six feet apart, several panes of glass separating you from the staff and a general sense of quiet. All of these precautions are necessary in a ...

Op-ed: Out of respect, say my name correctly

In recent years, there have been reports of students being asked to Anglicize their given names.

Taylor Hsu, contributor

October 8, 2020

Have you ever been asked how to pronounce your name or to come up with a nickname? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Phuc Bui Diem Nguyen when her professor asked her to Anglicize her name, but why do people have to change their names at all? Several years ago, I was sitting in class and the teacher was calling out students’ names. For every other student before me, I heard their first and last name being called out and...

Op-ed: Why we should wait to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg's passing raises the stakes for the upcoming election.

Rachel Erwin, news staff

October 7, 2020

I doubt I was the only one who felt doomed upon learning of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. On Sept. 18, we lost an icon, an inspiration and a champion of equality. Ginsburg dedicated her life to justice, and now we are left with one question: Who will replace her?  In Feb. 2016, Justice Antonin Scalia died. T...

Op-ed: The male-dominated STEM era must end

Women only make up about 28 percent of the STEM workforce.

Madison Boudreau Popovic, contributor

October 5, 2020

One of my chemistry lectures the other day reminded me of something I had briefly forgotten about: Women in STEM have a history of not being recognized or heard.  This discussion brought me back to the days of AP Biology, where I learned about how James Watson and Francis Crick claimed all the glo...

Op-ed: Northeastern should fully reimburse the 11 dismissed students

Op-ed: Northeastern should fully reimburse the 11 dismissed students

George LaBour, contributor

October 4, 2020

In the first week of September, 11 first-year students living in the Westin Copley Place hotel were given only 24 hours to leave. They were found gathering in another student’s room, violating Northeastern’s COVID-19 residence hall policy. The dismissed students were told that they are allowed to return to ca...

Op-ed: Glorifying the ‘Westin 11’ was a bad PR move

The 11 dismissed students were living in the Westin Hotel in Boston.

Laura Pomilia, contributor

October 3, 2020

By now, everyone on campus knows who the “Westin 11” are referring to. On Sept. 4, the university suspended 11 students who congregated in a hotel room at the Westin hotel, which houses the Boston students. This was expected, as all students signed a housing contract saying that we would follow all of...

Op-ed: Title IX revisions make reporting sexual assault even more challenging

Northeastern displays 10 facts about Title IX in many restrooms around campus.

Madison Xagoraris, contributor

September 30, 2020

Last weekend, students at Northeastern University and many others were left shocked and devastated by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Monday around noon, students were left with another shock: changes to the federal Title IX policy. Northeastern adopted new government mandates, while also impleme...

Op-ed: ResMail has not delivered on its promises

ResMail was temporarily relocated to Matthews Arena.

Ethan Wayne, contributor

September 28, 2020

While Northeastern has committed to reopening our campus in an efficient and safe manner,  not all of its plans were flawlessly executed. ResMail specifically falls in this category.  Ten thousand students moved onto campus in the span of less than two weeks and were only allowed to bring what could...

Op-ed: We need to talk about Marty Walsh’s mayoral misfire

Op-ed: We need to talk about Marty Walsh’s mayoral misfire

Jacob Kemp, contributor

September 26, 2020

Last week, Bostonians were hit with exciting, albeit unsurprising news: Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu, the first Asian American woman to serve on the council, is running for mayor. She’s also the youngest current member of the council and made history in 2016 after becoming the council’s first f...

Op-ed: Your donation isn’t helping as much as you think it is

Some argue that social justice advocacy goes beyond writing a check.

Taylor Hsu, contributor

September 23, 2020

Do you remember the last charitable donation you made?  Like many others, it may have been to a Black Lives Matter foundation or to George Floyd’s family following his death at the hands of the police. Many Americans were moved by recent incidents of police brutality and offered donations to fight for rac...

Op-ed: Northeastern needs to make All Gender Housing more accessible

Melvin Hall is a traditional  Northeastern residence hall located on Huntington Avenue.

Andrew Lopreiato, contributor

September 21, 2020

For my friends and me, housing selection last year involved countless late-night phone calls, emergency meetings and detailed plans drawn out on whiteboards in the Melvin Hall basement. All we really wanted was to all be in the same building, but alas, Northeastern housing selection requires complicated ...

Op-ed: If we don’t vote, Trump’s daydreaming will keep hurting us

Some college students are supporting Biden's campaign for presidency because of his proposed policies.

Jonas D. Ruzek, contributor

September 19, 2020

Unfortunately for the American public, it is one of the worst periods in U.S. history for the White House to indulge in general dishonesty and delusion. Given the over 190,000 confirmed deaths of Americans due to COVID-19, a deafening economic plummet and the continuing debate about systemic racis...