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Claudia Sheinbaum smiles for a photo. Sheinbaum was elected Mexicos first female president June 2.  Photo courtesy Rodrigo Jardón, Wikimedia Commons.

Op-ed: Why I remain hopeful for Mexico’s first female president

Galiah Abbud, deputy opinion editor June 18, 2024

Claudia Sheinbaum was recently elected president of Mexico June 2, becoming the first woman to hold this coveted position. Considering the country’s long-standing history of sexist ideals, many Mexican women, including myself, were in disbelief.  Sheinbaum’s election,...

Menstrual products for sale in the CVS on Massachusetts Avenue. Menstrual products from popular brands such as Playtex, Always and Tampax were found to contain harmful chemicals that are damaging to ones reproductive health.

Op-ed: Awareness of toxic chemicals in menstrual products is needed now more than ever

Prachi Patel, contributor June 8, 2024

16.9 million menstruators live in poverty in the United States. One-third of this low-income population are left to choose between menstrual products and food. But something is being done to address the issue here in Massachusetts.  The I AM Bill, introduced in February...

A statement released by Northeastern Oct. 10, 2023 about the Oct. 7, 2023 Hamas attack on Israel. Northeasterns stated positions on the sensitive topic faced dissatisfaction from many members of the student body.

Op-ed: The case for neutrality in university statements

Jack Masliah, contributor June 6, 2024

Over the years, it has become a rare sight for students to approve of Northeastern’s administration. Such is the burdensome reality of leadership — you are more likely to be criticized for your wrongdoings than praised for a job well done. As such, administrators certainly...

The “Rooted” exhibition on Krentzman Quad. The installation provoked an outcry from the student body, with a petition to remove it recieving more than 1,700 signatures.

Op-ed: “Rooted,” Krentzman’s newest art installation, should stay up

Samantha Denecour, contributor June 5, 2024

Minus the orange fur and giant mustache, the Lorax has been resonating a lot with me lately.  While I don’t speak in defense of Dr. Seuss’ Truffula Trees, my beloved cause is the 15-foot trees of “Rooted,” the colorful art installation that’s provoked outcry since...

Apartments for lease in Mission Hill. Governor Maura Healeys Affordable Homes Act was presented to the Legislature late last year and, if enacted, would fund the renewal of tens of thousands of homes throughout the state and loosen many land-use restrictions.

Op-ed: Massachusetts’ Legislature must pass a housing bond bill — then go further

Vinesh Khemlani, contributor May 23, 2024

Students travel from across the country and around the world to Boston with promises of a great education and a bustling city to enjoy their college years. While I have few complaints about the quality of my education, the same cannot be said about the price of my rent. The combination...

The NU Banner homepage. During registration, time tickets were allocated based on students credit hours.

Op-ed: Class registration is broken: Here’s how we can fix it

Tochi Chukwuemeka, contributor May 7, 2024

Class registration season at Northeastern has to be one of the most stressful periods of my life. My heart doesn’t seem to beat from the time I get my time ticket to the time I manually enter classes into the registration portal. The portal, called Banner, is where students...

A sink faucet in a Shillman Hall restroom. The faucet was one of three in the restroom.

Op-ed: Rinse and repeat, an abomination we can fix

Jack Masliah, contributor May 6, 2024

Whether you’ve been hyper-focusing on securing a co-op or tricking your friends into burning their eyeballs by looking directly into the sun during the solar eclipse, you have likely missed the dark force that has slowly been creeping into our society. This force’s pervasiveness...

Op-ed: Funflation: The new norm for live entertainment

Op-ed: Funflation: The new norm for live entertainment

Carol Queiroz, contributor May 5, 2024

What would you do if you had thousands of dollars to spend as you wished? Invest in the stock market and pay off some debt? Treat your family and friends to some new gifts or a vacation? Or maybe — and I’m just thinking out loud here — you would buy a ticket to a live event.  A...

Two tip jars sit next to the register in Playa Bowls on Huntington Avenue. Various circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic created changes in tipping culture within the country.

Op-ed: Tipping culture has reached a tipping point

Anna Palfy, contributor May 5, 2024

No matter how frequently I see it happen, I always dread the moment when service workers flip around their digital pay screen, raise their voice to an unnaturally high tone, forcefully smile and say, “It’s just going to ask you one more question.” I am not tipping you...

 A member of FSJP stands and holds a Palestinian flag along with pro-Palestine protesters on Centennial Common during the encampment April 25. Twenty Northeastern faculty and staff established FSJP and stand in solidarity with Palestine.

Op-ed: Northeastern Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine condemn April 27 arrests of protesters at Northeastern

To President Joseph E. Aoun, Senior Vice President Mike Armini, Chancellor Ken Henderson, Provost David Madigan, Senior Vice Chancellor Madeleine Estabrook and the Northeastern University community: We, Northeastern Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine, write to condemn...

Two pro-Israel counter protesters hold up an Israeli flag in front of the Centennial Common encampment April 26. Video footage revealed one of these counter protesters said the phrase Kill the Jews in an attempt to provoke pro-Palestine demonstrators.

Op-ed: Admin is lying about anti-semitism at Northeastern’s encampment. I want to set the record straight.

Yaakov Aldrich, contributor April 30, 2024

There’s an old saying that a lie can travel around the world before the truth can get its boots on, and Northeastern students witnessed this phenomenon in action April 27 at 8:47 a.m. After pro-Palestinian students established an encampment on Centennial Common the morning...

Op-ed: Equality in childrearing doesn’t end with Women’s History Month

Op-ed: Equality in childrearing doesn’t end with Women’s History Month

Anne Zhu, contributor April 24, 2024

The phrase "working mother" was once considered an oxymoron, reflecting a societal paradigm where women's roles were confined primarily to the domestic sphere. However, when women entered the workforce in waves after World War II, working mothers have become commonplace across...