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September 1, 2016

SGA elects 2012-2013 executive board officers

By Melissa Werthmann, News Staff

The Student Government Association (SGA) senate elected six members to the executive board for the upcoming school year.

Senators gathered in 305 Shillman Monday night and sat down to a buffet from Boston Market before the 7 p.m. meeting.

Sophomore Julia Patten, an international affairs and economics major, was voted elections chair over Amanda Donati. Patten is currently in Dublin and debated her opponent via video chat.

Patten stressed her leadership ability and plans to re-evaluate elections slates.

“Elections needs to better engage the student body,” she said.

Senator Mike Splain spoke in favor of Donati and said she is a kind person who is always willing to help. Senator Ashley Caron spoke against her, and jokingly said Donati did not meet her qualifications because she was wearing red instead of pink.

Executive Vice President Will Pett ruled Caron out of order.

Senator Stephanie Arrington then spoke for Patten and praised her for remaining involved in SGA despite being in Ireland. Comptroller Anthony Golia spoke against Patten and again jokingly said she did not meet his qualifications because she was not wearing pink.

Pett urged the senators to only speak for or against a candidate if they had something relevant to say.

“This is a serious process and I wish you would all treat it as such,” he said.

Pett also said it was brought to his attention that SGA members were tweeting about the elections in progress in real time.

He called such actions “completely unacceptable” and said, “If it continues you will be asked to leave.”

Maya Quijada, a sophomore international affairs and political science major, ran unopposed for comptroller and was elected.

Quijada said SGA members have a great opportunity to give the finance board a face.

“If I can accomplish one thing in this next year, that would be to educate people,” she said.

Current Vice President for Student Services Timothy LePage called Quijada “determined” and spoke in favor of her election, while Vice President for Academic Affairs Josh Coombes spoke against her.

“We’ve had a very interesting comptroller this year, and Maya is not quite as interesting,” Coombes said.

Tina Lopez ran unopposed for vice president of academic affairs and was elected.

Neel Bhadra and Nicole Daly ran for vice president of student affairs, and Daly won the election.

Kate Chandley, and international affairs and political science major, ran for vice president of student involvement unopposed and said she aims to increase school spirit by involving student organizations in sporting events.

Chief of Staff Terry MacCormack ran against Mary Corrado for vice president of student services.

Corrado introduced herself as a Giants fan who is allergic to nuts and joined SGA because her crush was involved with the association.

MacCormack was elected.

MacCormack, a sophomore political science and history major,  previously ran for executive vice president in direct elections, but lost to Nick Naraghi last week.

The newly elected officers take their positions at the start of the summer two session at the beginning of July. The final board member, executive director of communications, is selected by the incoming executive vice president, Naraghi, and confirmed by the senate.

The new chief of staff will be chosen by the incoming president, Peter Petrin, and confirmed by the executive board and the senate.

In an email to The News, Pett said the senate confirmation hearings will most likely take place at the first meeting during the summer I session.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated Patten’s major.

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