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“It’s amazing, seeing as some of these guys meet with five people a year,” Wolfel said. “Getting access to these is great.”

IDEA’s first annual Pitch-A-Thon will be held July 25, during which the top 15 to 20 creators will pitch to a private room of investors. This invite-only, investor-only event is a new way to connect entrepreneurial students directly to potential investors.

The Gap Fund is IDEA’s main source of financing, composed exclusively of alumni donations. For a venture to qualify, it must be approved by its coach, mentor, advisory board and investment committee. Each venture is evaluated by its business plan, financials and resumes, according to five quality-based criteria. The money received is a grant with no contractual obligations.

There are seven rounds for funding over the course of a year: three per semester and one over the summer. Unlike a standard business plan competition like MIT 100K, IDEA does not have one winner, and the ventures are not competing against each other. All ventures that merit funds will be granted money.

“It’s something that can really benefit everyone in the university,” Wolfel said. “I think a big goal is to make sure that everyone at Northeastern knows about IDEA, and then expand from there.”