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“The villain in the play is really society,” LeBolt said. “Both Nora and [her husband] are subject to that track to keep up the cost of pretending and what it means to be an individual in a larger society, which of course we can relate to today.”

Ocampo-Guzman said another important idea in the play is understanding how to love another person. He said many of his students are in the process of exploring relationships and learning how to be in successful in them.

“My suspicion is many of our students will go into relationships or marriages within 10 years of graduating college and marriages are not easy,” Ocampo-Guzman said. “The nature of a true unconditional love and acceptance of [another] person is something that we all can continue to understand and grapple with.”

Lebolt said she is excited to bring the classic show into a more modern world.

“We don’t have as many opportunities as we would like to bring women’s voices to classic texts. So we were really excited about this new adaptation. It’s a very modern adaptation,” LeBolt said. “It was a combination of the artists and our space and our excitement about the adaptation that solidified why it was right for us this season.”

“A Doll’s House” will be performed by the Huntington Theatre Company until Feb. 5. “Nora” will be performed in the Ryder Hall Theatre Lab until Feb. 19. Tickets are available through the companies’ respective websites.

Photo by Dylan Shen