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Why do Washington Capitals fans fill their arena and drive up TV ratings year after year, despite each season ending with the early-round flameout of their heavily favored team? What total lack of self-regard must a person have in order to keep showing up for the Cincinnati Bengals, no matter how many times they self-destruct in the biggest moments? How did people rationalize continuing to support the Buffalo Bills after they lost not two, not three, but four consecutive Super Bowls?

That’s what makes sports so captivating. Anyone can enjoy a win. It’s not hard. But to stick by someone through the most disheartening losses takes a trust and a willingness that makes victory, whenever it may come, that much sweeter. Many will speak of how 2016-17 was the best year of all time for championship games, referring to game-winning plays and comebacks. And they’re not wrong. But the most profound story can be seen on the opposite sideline.