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August 29, 2016

Women’s hockey welcomes five freshmen


The Northeastern University (NU) women’s hockey team will be adding five freshmen in the fall, according to head coach Dave Flint. Forwards Bailey Coyne, Matti Hartman and Andrea Renner, and defensemen Paige Capistran and Codie Cross have all committed to come to Huntington Avenue this fall, Flint announced earlier this month.

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Q&A: Nolan Stevens drafted into NHL


After a sophomore campaign in which he posted a team-high 20 goals, Northeastern left winger Nolan Stevens was selected 125th overall in the 2016 NHL Draft by the St. Louis Blues. Stevens enjoyed a breakout season with the Huskies, and his impressive play earned him the fifth-round draft selection. Stevens was one of 61 NCAA players selected in the draft, and he was the 37th college player taken.

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Walker, Ford earn playing time in Summer League


A pair of former Northeastern University Huskies have signed summer deals in the NBA earned spots on Summer League rosters. After going undrafted in April, David Walker and Quincy Ford will have the opportunity to prove to coaches and scouts that they’re worth regular season roster spots.

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All-Star Game voting system rewards big markets


Exhibition games are typically reserved for pre-season schedules, charity events and the beloved all-star games held by professional leagues in every sport. On Tuesday, Major League Baseball (MLB) held its 87th All-Star Game (ASG) in San Diego, Calif., where the American League defeated the National League by a score of 4-2. What separates the MLB ASG from other exhibition games is its postseason significance. In every other major sport, all-star games have no bearing on the playoffs: The Super Bowl is held in a specially selected stadium, the home court advantage in the NBA Final is granted to the team with the better regular season record and home-ice advantage in the Stanley Cup Finals is determined by regular season points. But in baseball, whichever league wins the ASG earns home field advantage in the World Series.

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Durant decision shows confidence, not cowardice


Social theorist Karl Marx wrote that prevalent capitalist societies would crumble at the hands of the disgruntled working class after decades of inequality. Of course, Marx probably never would have predicted that the onset of this revolution would perhaps find its roots in the massive horde of upset NBA fans and players who took to social media to express how they have been “hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray,” or any other words an angry Stephen A. Smith would use in this situation. I am of course talking about Kevin Durant’s unprecedented move to the already-strong Golden State Warriors, leaving Oklahoma City Thunder fans in a state of distress that only a Seattle Supersonics fan could understand.

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Filipe, Davies headline eight-man recruiting class


The Northeastern University (NU) men’s hockey team will be welcoming eight incoming freshmen to Matthews Arena this fall, according to head coach Jim Madigan. In an interview with GoNU, Madigan spoke about the recruiting class, which consists of four forwards, three defensemen and one goalie.

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LeBron’s legacy saved by teammates


Sunday night’s thrilling conclusion to the NBA Finals cemented it: LeBron James is one of the best players to ever grace a basketball court. His only competition is Michael Jordan, and some could argue that LeBron is actually better than MJ. After his superhuman performance in the 2016 series, LeBron earned the honor of Finals MVP, well deserved in a series where he averaged 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds, 8.9 assists, 2.3 blocks and 2.3 steals per game.

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Small ball reigns in NBA playoffs


At the conclusion of every postseason in the NBA, Adam Silver, Marv Albert and a group of ESPN executives meet in a remote location off the coast of Montenegro to determine what will happen the next season. Every victory, every loss, every Draymond Green nut shot is written in scripts by a couple ex-Crimson writers in a small, dark room (Don’t believe me? Just google “NBA conspiracy theories.” It’s all true!).

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Huskies fall short in CAA tournament


The Northeastern University (NU) baseball team was knocked out of contention in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) tournament by the College of William and Mary, and the Huskies saw their season end despite notching two wins in the tourney.

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Seniors headline Huskies showing at NCAAs


Five Northeastern University (NU) track and field student athletes wrapped up their outdoor seasons in the NCAA East Preliminaries at the University of North Florida’s Hodges Stadium on Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27. The five athletes helped the NU track and field program achieve great success over their careers, and will leave their names scattered throughout the record books.

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