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Ho-ho-holiday gift ideas

By Chelsea Addy, News Correspondent

Cable knit sweaters, UGG boots, North Face jackets and hot chocolate have made their seasonal debut, which can only mean one thing: It’s the holiday season. Although students are often strapped for cash, finding the perfect gifts this time of year should not be a struggle. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or any other holiday, this guide will take away the endless hours of scouring the Prudential Center and help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

For the friend who always misses class: Rolling Alarm Clock

Now that the semester is ending, your friend may be confused as to why he or she has a D in every class. The problem: Your friend is a lazy bum. The solution: He or she ought to wake up for class. This alarm clock rolls around the room until turned off. It allows for the snooze button to be hit once and after that proceeds to roll around the room shrieking. Now your friend will never be late to class again. Of course, they also won’t have very happy roommates, but that’s their problem, right? The added bonus is that you no longer have to listen to them complain about their failing grades … just their lack of a social life. Price: $33 to $45.

For the drama kid: “Glee: The Beginning”

When Tuesday nights roll around, this friend is likely glued to the TV to watch his or her favorite show, “Glee.” Immediately after the show he or she sprints to iTunes to download the latest episode’s songs. Get your Gleeky friends the ultimate gift of the new prequel book that tells the stories of all the characters before they joined the now infamous glee club. Although your shoe shopping partners may be locked in their room reading for a while, they will love you forever. Price: $9.99

For your favorite proctor: Starbucks gift card:

Although swiping into your home every day is huge pain, having to sit there swiping people in is likely worse. Those poor proctors sit in the doorway every weekend watching students stumble in drunk from their weekend brain breaks. And when the inexperienced freshmen crawl in at 4 a.m. there is always a proctor there to welcome them home. To reward that proctor and show him or her some appreciation, give the gift that will keep them warm and awake for a hard night of Facebook stalking and homework. Who could say no to Starbucks’ seasonal lattes? Starbucks in afterHOURS Price: Optional

For your ex-boyfriend: Kanye West’s new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

It can really suck when relationships end without explanation or warning. It’s even worse when the break-up is made official with only a simple text. Harsh. Now tell that boy what you’ve been telling all your friends for the past month. Pay especially close attention to “Runaway” as Kanye sings “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags.” Your ex-boyfriend will hopefully never treat another girl poorly again. A girl can dream, right? Found: Price: $8.99

For your new crush: Taylor Swift’s new album Speak Now

Taylor is known for writing about past relationships, and she is also a skilled songwriter who freely expresses her emotions. This holiday season, let Taylor Swift say all the things you’re too afraid to and let your girl know how much she means to you. Pay special attention to “Enchanted” because every girl wants to think that each day with them is like a fairy tale. Found: Price: $8.99

For the noisy neighbor: A better taste in music

It’s 4 a.m., that 15-page paper due at 8 a.m. is finally finished and sleep deprivation is beginning to take its toll. At last, you can snuggle up in your warm bed and fall into a deep sleep. Yet somehow, your neighbor decides that this is the perfect time to blast a horrible mix of screamo and heavy metal. The worst part: This isn’t the first time. It’s bad enough they’re noisy and keep everyone up at ridiculous hours of the night, but why must they also listen to such awful music. Anything else would be better than this. So for this holiday season slip a nicely made mix CD under their door. Maybe they’ll get the hint. Use your iPod Price: Free

For the roommate from hell: A taste of their own medicine

One of the most feared college situations is having a roommate from hell. Eventually almost everyone has those roomie horror stories to share, some worse than others. Whether they sleep all day, leave their hair clogging the shower, bring random people back every night or puke on your carpet, it sucks. You’ve tried ignoring it, avoiding it and talking about it, even having a resident assistant intervention, but nothing has worked. Now is the perfect time to get revenge. You’re done playing Mr. Nice Guy; instead, treat them as they’ve been treating you. Leave your dirty clothes on the floor, let your Outtakes food sit in the fridge for weeks, and don’t refill the toilet paper. This holiday season is their time to suffer. Warning: Don’t let yourself turn into the roommate from hell. Your place Price: Priceless

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