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By Janet Lui, News correspondent

Northeastern fashionistas finally have a home to call their own in the fledgling student group Fashion is HAUTE.’
Haute couture has a well-defined history of being high-end and exclusive. Since the mid-19th century in France, the haute brand marker has been assigned to only a small number of designers by a governing committee. Today, those designers include Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier.
Since its start in November 2008, HAUTE has grown to more than 60 members. And the new group is ready to make a big impact on campus.
‘There’s not a lot of opportunities for students interested in fashion at Northeastern,’ said Creative Director Jaclyn Iavarone, one of the group’s founders.
HAUTE’s aim, she said, is to offer more options for fashion-savvy students on campus.’
‘We really want to build a networking system, not only for Northeastern students but other universities and professionals,’ she said.’
The group also plans to give back to the local community, she said, potentially by working with local charities.
Other plans include the creation of a magazine publication for students, fashion shows and a possible launch party, Iavarone said. HAUTE has already coordinated and funded a student trip to a fashion show at MassArt Feb. 25.’
For those interested in couture and fashion marketing, they will find a sense of support among local community businesses. Members of the Boston fashion industry have positive feelings about students wishing to pursue an interest in fashion.
‘I think that’s great. If kids have passion for whatever, to explore every venue is great,’ said Karen Singer, manager of Stel’s boutique on Newbury Street. ‘In this business, everything is always cutting edge.”
Stel’s is home to designers including Alexander Wang, Rogan, Spring Court and United Bamboo.
‘It’s like the Oscar for designers,’ Singer said.’
With boutiques like Stel’s just around the corner, HAUTE has a pool of potential partners and the opportunity to develop a club that extends beyond the borders of this campus, Iavarone said
But on campus, it might not always be an easy draw. Though some may understand the appeal of couture, not all students desire to commit more time to understand and learn about it.’
‘It’s not really an interest of mine,’ said Heather Markowitz, a sophomore psychology and elementary education student. ‘It’s just another form of art. It’s a part of our culture.’