Billie Eilish gathers a full house in Cambridge

The crowd dances along with Eilish while she performs COPYCAT.
The crowd dances along with Eilish while she performs “COPYCAT.”


Billie Eilish made her first appearance in Cambridge Thursday night at Sonia, with fans arriving outside the venue as early as 11am. With her unmistakable silver hair, this time accompanied by a large gold chain and vibrant puffy orange jacket, Eilish’s personal style drastically opposes the often vulnerable nature of the songs in her genre — which is all part of her image.


Fifteen-year-old Billie Eilish O’Connell is an unconventional pop star. Contrasting songs about love and relationships with tracksuits and layered coats, Eilish thoroughly enjoys standing out and simply being herself. Her career began on Soundcloud in 2013, with her song “Ocean Eyes” becoming viral overnight on the platform. She has consistently grown her fan base since signing with Darkroom/Interscope Records in 2016, leading up to the release of her debut EP “dont smile at me” and first-ever tour. Also contributing to her stark rise in popularity was the release of her song “bored,” which was included in the soundtrack for Netflix’s original series “13 Reasons Why” earlier this year.  


Eilish’s performance was evocative of her upbringing, being homeschooled by her actor/musician parents. She effortlessly flowed across the stage during songs “my boy” and “COPYCAT,” her confidence at the mic far surpassing her age. The casual conversations with the crowd she had betweens songs highlighted her laid-back and humble approach to her recent rise in fame, as she strives to focus on enjoying creating music rather than getting lost in the luxuries that often come with success.


Using her songs “idontwannabeyouanymore” and “hostage,” Eilish created a dynamic performance that whisked the crowd from vibrantly dancing along to emotively swaying in harmony and back. When she was called back out for an encore to perform her hit “bellyache,” the resulting dance party that engulfed the entire venue was no surprise.



Photos and story by Alex Melagrano

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