Cambridge Food Truck Festival showcases variety of tastes

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Cambridge Food Truck Festival showcases variety of tastes

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By Kate Win, news correspondent

A variety of people flocked to the Cambridge Food Truck Festival on Sunday, October 14, at Central Square, eager to sample the food from the trucks serving numerous different cuisines. Over 30 food trucks, live musicians and various other local vendors were spread out in the designated area starting from 11 a.m.

Many different food trucks were represented at the festival. Some prominent food trucks included Roxy’s, Terri-yummy, Bon Me, Zaaki and Rice Burg. There were also newcomers like Bird’s Nest, Chikchak, Moyzilla and Taco Party.

“I came to the festival because the weather’s amazing and there’s a variety of food choices,” said Elizabeth Louis, an attendee from Roxbury.

The Cambridge Food Festival showcased both sweet and savory treats for the participants. For customers looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, there were several food trucks selling candies and cupcakes.

Louis’s friend, Prashant Bhattarai, also enjoyed the festival food, especially the Mediterranean food truck Zaaki.

“I wanted to try something new so I asked Elizabeth if she wanted to accompany me,” said Bhattarai.

Bowei Dang and Ana Zhui, both students at Tufts Medical School, said the weather and the low prices of admission were several of the reasons why they partook  in the event.

“The low admissions costs and the food prompted me to come out to Central Square and try something new,” said Dang, a first-year student at Tufts Medical School. When deciding which food to try, Dang chose the Mighty Rib sandwich from Roxy’s.

“I just wanted to get outside since it’s a beautiful day, and the food’s a plus too,” said Zhui, a third-year student at Tufts Medical School.

Although the participants had different reasons for coming out to the Cambridge Food Truck Festival, the commonality that tied them together was their love for food.

Tulika Gupta, a second-year student from Harvard Business School stated that the pleasant weather prompted her to partake in the festival.

“It’s nice to visit Central Square when it’s so nice outside,” said Gupta. “I wanted to try the rice burger and Bon Me, but the lines were too long.” She said she tried the tofu tacos instead, which were delicious.

Most of the food truck owners were busy serving the throng of customers, but Mohammed Abo-Sharkh, the food truck owner of Zaaki, had time to comment on the food truck festival experience.

“I serve Egyptian Koshari, which is a Mediterranean dish. Zaaki is the first food truck in Boston to serve authentic Mediterranean food,” said Abo-Sharkh. “I decided to participate because it’s a good location and an excellent way to get more exposure for the business. I hope that customers will really enjoy our food and hopefully, when we have enough capital we will be opening a restaurant soon. ”