Speakers tell frosh the future begins now

The speeches delivered to the freshman class on September 17th seemed to foreshadow things to come in Northeastern’s future.

The Student Government President, Provost, two Presidential Scholars and the President himself addressed the class of ’07 at the President’s Convocation.

As university administrators, faculty from the various colleges, class representatives, and the speakers mentioned above were ushered into Matthew’s Arena by the University Marshals the class of 2007 sat in the stands waiting for their official welcome to the university.

As each individual spoke they emphasized that in fact college is the beginning of the rest of life.

SGA President Richard Schwabacher told the freshman that although each student finds themselves under different circumstances each journey is their own. This is the common bond of students, this is what has brought the university to the forefront.

The newly appointed Provost, Ahmed T. Abdelal emphasized the benefits of semester conversion, including a new curriculum.

“Semesters will enhance learning,” Abdelal said. “There are no old lecture notes here.”

Both Schwabacher and Abdelal emphasized Northeastern’s fundamentals, that when put together can make an impact.

Abdelal said that he can guarantee that studying at Northeastern will be an outstanding investment, although he said, “I won’t guarantee it will be perfect, faculty and students will help give each other direction.”

President Richard Freeland took the podium to encourage the freshman class. Reminding them that with their freshman year they will begin building a stable foundation for the next stage in their lives.

The president also praised the class of 2007.

“It was hard to get into Northeastern this year,” he said that this is the strongest of any entering class ever at Northeastern. “You are exceptional.”

Although he boasted about the class he reminded them how important this moment in their life is.

“Your years at Northeastern are not a dress rehearsal, this is your life,” Freeland said. “You don’t get a second chance at college.”

He also added for them not to underestimate the challenges ahead.