Northeastern still needs improvement

The recent ranking of Northeastern University as the number one school in the nation for Academic Programs: Internships/Co-ops by U.S. News and World Report is a great step in the direction of achieving President Freeland’s goal of reaching the top 100 universities of the nation.

In order to attain the goal of reaching the top 100, the university will have to use this new ranking to bring about improvement in other areas of the institution which are not as fortunate.

Increasing alumni donations, fixing retention rates, and updating the financial resources on campus would draw heavy attention to the fact that NU is indeed trying to improve its top 100 ranking.

NU is currently in the third out of the four tiers of the top 100, and a higher ranking would improve how the campus is looked upon. A degree from a school ranked in the top 10 would be much more useful than a degree from a school ranked in the third or fourth tier.

NU will have to keep the top 100 in sight, and the new ranking in the back of its mind, in order to keep with its momentum of improving its stature as a higher end educational facility.

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