Radiation Proof Pants

We are supposedly living in the age of technology. Soon the phrase “clothes make the man” will apply to how we live our lives as well.

The Levi Strauss company will be introducing pants with an “anti-radiation” cell phone pocket to the European market, according to Carrie Finn, an assistant in the communications department for the Levi Strauss company.

A Levis Strauss and Co. representative told ZKNet UK, a technology information website based out of England, “The Dockers trousers will have a mobile phone pocket with a shielding lining between the phone and the skin.”

Currently, the company manufactures slacks called, “The Mobile Pant.” The pants feature several pockets outside the realm of styles seen for years. The new pants soon to be featured in their line of slacks are the first to protect consumers from the potential harm of radiation from cellular phones.

“We don’t see a risk looking at currently available data,” David Feigal, M.D., director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health said.

“But we need more definite answers about the biological effects of cell phone radiation, and about the more complicated question of whether mobile phones might cause even a small increase in the risk of developing cancer.”

According to the FDA, there have been cases of cell phone users developing brain cancer, but these cases do not overshadow the amounts of cancerous incidents in non-users.

An $800 million lawsuit brought against the Motorola cellular phone company by Maryland Doctor Christopher Newman questions the link between cancer cells and cellular phone use.

“In Newman’s case, his lawyer had said, ‘it’s really not a question at all whether the cancer is cell phone-related,” the FDA article said. “Newman’s own doctors made the connection between his long-time cell phone use and his tumor, which is positioned in ‘the exact anatomical location where the radiation from the cell phone emitted into his skull.'”

Ironically, the cellular phone company mentioned in advertisements for the Mobile Pant was the Motorola company. Even the lawsuit hasn’t dissuaded the company from more publicity in the light that cell phones may possibly be cancerous.

Until research by the Food and Drug Administration proves cell phones are harmful, the United States will have to make due with less protection in their pants.

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