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Northeastern students gifted memories from Spotify Wrapped

Angelica Jorio

As the year comes to a close, teens, adults, music lovers and, generally, anyone with a Spotify account eagerly anticipates the unveiling of their musical journey for that given year — Spotify Wrapped. Spotify Wrapped has become a cultural phenomenon in this generation, but what is it about this annual tradition that captivates users so deeply? 

Is it the anticipation behind seeing unexpected top artists and songs? Perhaps the comfort of being able to reflect on personal growth over the year? Or maybe the sense of feeling connected through a community of like-minded music lovers? Regardless, Spotify Wrapped has entranced many students at Northeastern University.  

Spotify Wrapped is not just a compilation of songs — it is a mirror reflecting listeners’ experiences, growth and emotions of the past year. Users can take a top song and reflect on what that time looked like for them, maybe taking them back to summer, before they were engulfed with schoolwork or a past breakup they haven’t given a second thought to until now. Whatever the scenario may be, humans naturally associate a song or tune with the emotion felt while listening to it. By looking back at certain songs, Spotify users can reflect on how much they have grown since that time. This is the case for Jeremie Ng, a second-year criminal justice and political science combined major. 

“I am able to look at my top songs and remember the late-night drives during summer, all-nighter study sessions in the library and even moments of solitude,” Ng said. “I like it because it acts as a journal of my year.” 

For many of the app’s users, the allure of Spotify Wrapped also lies in the element of surprise. Much like unwrapping a present, there is a mix of excitement and uncertainty. With students bombarded with final exams and homework, the shared anticipation and eagerness can almost recharge students’ batteries, bringing some rejuvenation back into their lives during such a stressful time. Madeleine Attar, a second-year business administration student, said that “listening to music already helps me to decompress after a stressful day, but being given the opportunity to listen and remember specific memories of the past year, I can appreciate this dreadful time a little more.” 

Additionally, the surprises disclosed in Spotify Wrapped can inspire conversation starters, kindling discussions that touch upon different genres, artists and emotions. This element of surprise not only adds another layer of excitement to the reveal, but also catalyzes collective discussions. 

The communal aspect of Spotify Wrapped is another factor that makes it a cherished concept in the Northeastern community. In the days following the release, social media platforms are swamped with excitement as students share their results. 

“It is a bonding experience. For me, I found most of my friends through our shared love of Latin music,” said Arianna Moncayo, a second-year architecture major. “You not only get to see what your friends have been listening to all year, but you may even get to discover new music through them.” 

Having the opportunity to discover new friends who share one’s top artist creates a sense of comfort. Music, in this sense, becomes an influential bridge connecting people who might not have found a common interest otherwise. Not only does the unveiling of the results create a range of reactions, but the shared reactions and experiences of exploring one’s musical year can spark a sense of belonging within an environment that can, at times, feel quite lonely.  

Ultimately, Spotify Wrapped transforms its role as a mere feature on a streaming service into a cultural phenomenon that symbolizes the shared soundtrack of a generation. At Northeastern, Spotify Wrapped is more than just a year-end summary of music tastes — it is a celebration of surprises, a reflection of personal growth and a communal experience that brings students together. The bonds and memories forged through Spotify Wrapped extend well beyond the digital realm and create a shared narrative that echoes through campus corridors, dorm rooms and social gatherings. 

During this time, we are reminded that, even though college might be a scary place with a lot of new people, through the language of music, young adults can connect and grow with other individuals who share the same experiences. 

Regardless of the situation, Spotify Wrapped has completely changed how students connect, creating a shared appreciation for the music and artistry that has shaped the year.

About the Contributor
Angelica Jorio
Angelica Jorio, Design Editor
Angelica Jorio is a fourth-year political science and economics major and design editor of The News. This is her third time being design editor after a year hiatus while she was student body president. If not designing or frantically responding to slacks, Angelica can be found hunting down the best cappuccino in Boston!
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