‘Super Friends’ conquer street art, music

by Aurehzu Ashley Rahimian, News Correspondent

“An informal line of artists with individual strengths” is the best way to describe Project Super Friends, said Dana Woulfe, co-founder of the organization.

Project Super Friends is a group of aspiring artists and musicians, working together to make a difference through art. Woulfe had gotten involved with this team about two years after the organization was formed. Prior to his position as co-founder, Woulfe said he worked as a contributing director for projects, shows and other events. He is one of three co-founders for this organization.

Project SF was originally created to satisfy the public interest for urban and street arts. The group organized exhibitions and events in warehouses, bars, lofts and alternative spaces from Montreal to Tokyo, all while producing innovative artwork and live collaborations seen across the world.

“When I was in college, Super Friends had already been formed by previous members, and it was more of an informal artist collective, like graffiti crew. Now it’s more about events,” Woulfe said.

Over the years, Project SF has played many roles, like design studio and event coordinator. The organization began as a graffiti group, but the members always had intentions of becoming something more, Woulfe said, The first few events were thrown in the apartments of fellow co-founders where they would “clear out the furniture and hang artwork on the wall to create a pop-up gallery effect,” he said.

Through promoting, Project SF moved on to bigger events by renting spaces such as warehouses in order to host parties which consisted of artwork and DJs.

Woulfe said every member shares the same interest, which is of course art, but each brings something different to the table. Everyone contributes different forms of artistry to both the organization and the community.

“Because of the variety, we attract wider audiences,” Woulfe said.

Because the members have diversified talents and work in a variety of mediums, “the ‘collaborative collective’ mentality remains strong, hence the name Project Super Friends – We each have a super power or something,” Woulfe said laughing. “We all collaborate, and it’s a group effort. Plus, we’re all friends, and that’s important.”

The members of Project SF thrive in different creative interests such as painting, graphic design, sculpting and photography. In addition, every member is pursuing an individual career and other artistic goals.

Project SF has shown their artwork in galleries throughout the world, including Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Montreal and Hong Kong. Project SF will be attending Northeastern’s Springfest for their fourth year in a row. Along with their involvement in Springfest, they have participated in block parties at Underground Snowboard, private live painting gigs, group showings at Fourth Wall Project in Boston, Puma/DJ Hero event, Skullcandy event, Sneaker Pimps Tour, Wachusett Mountain Rail Jam, Bonfire Snowboards event and Legends of Style, where they were the featured artists of 2006/2007.

Further information on Project Super Friends can be found on Projectsf.blogspot.com or Projectsf.com/main.html.

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